The FdI amendment reopens voting for non-resident students. But for the European Championships it is a race against time

Just a few weeks ago the minister Matteo Piantedosi He had spoken of “objectively short” times and thereby dashed the hopes of those who, with the passage of the law discussed in the Senate, thought that the government would allow non-residents to vote from the next European elections. For this reason, the amendment to the […]

Sanremo, Ghali’s “Stop the genocide” becomes a case. The Israeli ambassador: “Using the stage to spread hate”

The call “Stop the genocide” from Ghali The Ariston Theater in Sanremo becomes a case. “I think it is shameful that the festival stage was used to spread hatred and provocations in a superficial and irresponsible way,” the Israeli ambassador in Rome continued Alon Bar – In the October 7 massacre, over 360 young people […]

Meloni’s visit to the exhibition about Berlinguer (immediately after Occhetto): “It was a beautiful time of year”. The former PDS leader: “Luckily we didn’t meet”

Go out Achille Occhietto, Giorgia Meloni enters. What a couple if their paths had crossed, to the exhibition above Enrico Berlinguer, perhaps under the poster with the hammer and sickle: “Vote for the Communist.” Instead, last night the PCI’s last secretary escaped, just minutes before the prime minister entered the former Testaccio slaughterhouse, where the […]

Maria Fida Moro, the tortured life of the DC statesman’s daughter

Until the very end Maria Fida Morowho died today at the age of 77 after a long illness, searched for the truth about her father’s death, Aldo Moro, killed by the Red Brigades in 1978. As an enemy of rhetoric, he even criticized the beatification of the DC president because it would have represented a […]

In the Red Sea crisis, Tajani responds to Al-Houti’s threats against Italy

“We will go to the Red Sea to defend national interests, and in the world this will be done with weapons if necessary,” he says Stefania CraxiChairman of the Senate Defense Committee. His words are in response to the above interview republic To Mohamed Ali al-Houti, one of the prominent leaders of the Ansar Allah […]

Mattarella in Trento, Volunteering Capital 2024: “The EU is paying for the lack of solidarity”

“The shortcomings of Europe, the shortcomings to the detriment of its citizens, are mostly based precisely on a lack of solidarity,” said the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella on the occasion of the official inauguration of Trento, the European and Italian capital of volunteering 2024. “The young man was aware of this Antonio Megalizziand […]

Rampelli, Fazzolari’s alter ego. From Salis to Acca Larentia to Remembrance Day: his counterpoint to the government and the Prime Minister

ROME – Lately he has been a mentor to Giorgia Meloniand his loyal followers, starting with his brother-in-law Francesco LollobrigidaHe uses the carrot but also the stick towards his former disciples who sit in the Palazzo Chigi. Fabio Rampellithe leader of the Seagull Movement, Colle Oppio, has made more than one distinction in recent days […]

European elections, Bersani to Schlein: “You decide on the candidacy, but the left has no interest in personalization”

BOLOGNA – Pier Luigi Bersani says it almost in a whisper: “I don’t want to give Elly Schlein advice on running in all constituencies for the European elections, but from my experience I think that our people are not very interested in personalization… it works “It’s more about a principle of coherence in the decision.” […]

Remembrance Day, Mattarella: “Israel has suffered, do not now deny another people the state. Anti-Semitism is returning, Italy will not tolerate it”

“The cult of the leader was a deadly virus.” “We are facing an apocalyptic climax in history.” “Israel has suffered, don’t deny others the state now.” These sentences stand out in dense discourse Sergio Mattarella in the Quirinale on the occasion of Remembrance Day. Body shop hall full of authorities. In the first row Giorgia […]