Until the very end Maria Fida Morowho died today at the age of 77 after a long illness, searched for the truth about her father’s death, Aldo Moro, killed by the Red Brigades in 1978. As an enemy of rhetoric, he even criticized the beatification of the DC president because it would have represented a chimney that could seal the Moro case. “It’s not all clear,” he repeated instead in a grumpy, polemical manner in every situation.

Political crimes bring public trauma, but we often forget the private ones. And so Maria Fida, Moro’s eldest daughter, was overwhelmed by the tragedy. The Moros were a normal family, politics at the time, at least in media visibility, was characterized by modesty and discretion, and the kidnapping also marked a violent revelation. The family tried in vain to enforce the humanitarian line over the 55 days, and the fact that Moro was the only one not treated remains an incurable wound for the four children.

Maria Fida was already Luca’s mother when Moro was kidnapped. And his grandfather from the people’s prison dedicated some heartbreaking passages in his letters to Luca. Years later, his nephew wrote the music for a song dedicated to Aldo Moro: “If there was light”.

Maria Fida maintained a dialectical relationship with the terrorists and was ready for dialogue (she was the only one who forgave someone irreducible). Barbara Balzerani), but also decisive in criticizing their media excesses, which were expressed before the departure of the President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano, had become predominant. Nobody wanted to hear the voices of the victims.

In an open letter to Adriana FarandaMaria Fida, one of the kidnapping officers, wrote: “You have every right to live a life, but we want one too. You say you’ve served your sentence, we’ve served ours too. You spent 16 years in prison, I spent 28. You’re done and you’re out, we will resist in the prison of despair to forever reflect on our former lives.”

He also attempted a political career. The DC nominated her for the Senate in 1987 and she was elected. But she was too restless to submit to party discipline. She dropped out and moved to the Communist Refoundation and then to the mixed group. She was among the radicals, she wrote on Grillo’s blog. Lamberto Dini he nominated them for the European Championships, the last one being Melonian. And today in the Senate Ignazio La Russa He asked the room for a moment of silence to remember her.