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Geriatri: 4 anziani su 10 esclusi per l’età dalle cure migliori

Dopo l’appello degli scienziati italiani per la crisi del servizio sanitario pubblico sottofinanziato, i geriatri lanciano l’allarme sui bisogni di salute, soprattutto dei grandi anziani, su cui l’SSN non investe abbastanza risorse. Gli anziani sono considerati “troppo vecchi e costosi” per ricevere le cure più avanzate, da cui trarrebbero i maggiori benefici, e per essere […]

Electricity: Instructions for return to greater protection by June 30th

A search engine on the website ARERA allows you to quickly and easily find the supplier you want to make an inquiry to by entering the name of the municipality Back to Greater Protection for Electricity. The need arises from the fact that since July 1 domestic customers Anyone who continues to be under higher […]

Toga | Nordio, the keeper of anti-toga tests, earns a “zero” for phantom quizzes without text

The decree was published yesterday in the Official Journal, half a page of nothing, everything left to the free will of the CSM in the Pinelli version, where the secular right dominates. This is Toghe, Liana Milella’s justice newsletter. To register, click here

Paris-Roubaix, Viviani in hospital after serious crash involving 20 riders

The beginning is bad Paris-Roubaix. In the early stages of the race, when the group was still on asphalt, the first accident of the day occurred. At kilometer 37, around twenty runners had an accident. Elijah Viviani has paid the heaviest bill: the blue one Ineos Grenadiers He was transported by ambulance to the nearest […]

Climate Change: A dollar spent fighting climate change today saves $3 in healthcare costs in the future

To combat climate change and improve health, we know what to do and how, now we must act. An international team of researchers who have just published a list of the causes, effects and solutions to the climate problem remind us of this A surgery At Limits in science. This is the main article of […]

Today’s stock markets, April 5th. Oil rises to $90, weighing on markets. Waiting for US jobs

MILAN – Geopolitical tensions in the Middle East have not only pushed up the price of gold bullion, but also caused the price of oil to rise towards October highs of $91 a barrel and investors to increase their prices in recent times Days have already lowered expectations, further concerns are caused by the Fed’s […]

Annunziata, Strada, Tarquinio, Vannacci: The citizen candidates’ accusation that they had mixed up the European elections

Bourgeois, independent, professional, better when famous and recognizable. You are part of the Rumors which are promptly circulated before each election, especially when the upcoming round offers the rare opportunity to write the candidate’s first and last name on the ballot paper.

The Scudetto is not for young people: Inter will win without a twenty-year-old. Like Napoli a year ago – sport

There are three teams A leaguewho haven’t even offered a player under twenty a second of play: one is the one who will win the next championship, that oneInterthe other is the one who won the last one, the one Naplesand the third is the reigning runner-up, who Lazio. The banal but brutal conclusion is […]

Photophobia and visual impairment: how to tell if it is dry eye syndrome?

“Dry eyes” occur when the eyes are unable to produce enough tears to lubricate them or when their quality is insufficient to keep the eye moist. This can be due to various factors such as aging, prolonged use of digital screens, certain types of medications, dry environmental conditions and problems with the meibon glands, which […]

Stock markets today, April 3rd: The BTP Bund spread is rising, inflation is falling

Rate cuts and doubts plunge Wall Street: -1% yesterday There was another decline on Wall Street yesterday as Treasury yields rose. Investors are now more cautious about interest rates following the latest PCE inflation data and the return to expansion of the ISM manufacturing index after 16 consecutive months of declines. The Jolts jobs report […]