Superbonus, the applicable rules and what may change in 2024

MILAN – The strain on public finances caused by the superbonus tax credits poses a risk that the government will initiate a new turn on the maximum construction subsidy by lowering the tax rebate from 110% to 90% and 70% from next year, and the sales credit and invoice rebate adjusts . But what is […]

European elections, downside of FdI at 3%. Frost on Forza Italia Renzi dialogue

The curtain falls on the proposal to lower the threshold for European elections to 3%. Too much friction in the governing coalition, the wall erected by the Lega is very high, fearing that new right-wing formations could emerge, capable of intercepting Italy’s disappointed brothers and undermining this consensus, and vice versa Matthew Salvini hopes to […]

Napoli on renewal of Kvaratskhelia: “No negotiations underway”

A difficult statement to explain the matter Kvarachelia. Napoli have settled the issue of renewing the Georgian talent, whose contract expires in 2027. Talk of ongoing negotiations for an agreement has been around for some time, but the blue club tweeted: “Some media outlets continue to report that negotiations are said to be ongoing for […]

ADHD increases the risk of depression and other mental disorders

A risk factor is a condition or behavior that increases the likelihood of developing a disease or other condition or behavior that is harmful to your health. It now turns out that attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder is a risk factor for depression, anorexia, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and even suicidal behavior. To support this thesis, two […]

Pnrr, meeting in Brussels. Fit: “Very good.” The EU: “Constructive climate”

The construction site for updating the Pnrr, the Italian national recovery and resilience plan worth 191.5 billion (of which 69 are grants and the rest are repayable loans), is starting again. Minister Raffaele Fitto flew to Brussels to meet the head of the Recovery Task Force, Celine Gauer. “The Commission services had a meeting with […]

Football, AC Milan players’ anti-Juve chants ended up under the lens of FIGC prosecutors

Copy The video released by some AC Milan players, showing the Rossoneri singing anti-Juve chants on the way to the airport after beating Roma after beating Roma, has been investigated by the Federcalcio prosecutor. The Federal Prosecutor’s Office, headed by Giuseppe Chinè, wants to determine any violations of […]

Long Covid, so the virus triggers the (wrong) immune response to the heart cells

The human body is really fascinating. It hides in the labyrinth of its secrets very efficient systems for recognizing the “self” or the body’s own cells. Thanks to them, the defense mechanisms against these cells cannot be overridden. But sometimes it happens that a disturbance changes this balance. And the problems of autoimmune diseases can […]

El-Erian: “Italy is at great risk due to the crisis in China and Germany. The aim is to modernize companies”

CERNOBBIO – “Italy is at great risk at this moment of disarray in some of the country’s most important economies. It is more necessary than ever that you find within it the strength, coherence and planning ability to recover.” Mohamed El ErianPresident of Queen’s College From Cambridge (“the one in England, the only Cambridge there […]