Walmart Cancels ‘Juneteenth’ Flavored Ice Cream After Backlash

There are two amazing storylines in Walmart’s Juneteenth ice cream saga. One: An ice cream flavor inspired by the holiday celebrating the emancipation of slavery existed on store shelves (for a short time at least). Two: that ice cream flavor was dealt a quick and total death blow by the woke mob offended by its […]

Ted Cruz Blasts ‘Propagandist’ Reporter Demanding Gun Control After He Claims ‘American Exceptionalism is Awful’

A reporter got a dose of reality after questioning Ted Cruz about gun control at a vigil for the victims of the Uvalde massacre and later stating that “American exceptionalism is awful.” Sky News reporter Mark Stone repeatedly badgered Cruz (R-TX) about gun control, mocked America, and pushed a left-wing narrative that this nation is […]

Report: Trump Considering GOP Rep. Elise Stefanik As Potential 2024 Running Mate

Reports have surfaced indicating Donald Trump is considering Representative Elise Stefanik as a potential running mate in 2024. Sources told CNN that the former President likes the New York congresswoman whom they describe as a “moderate-turned-MAGA star.” “Conversations about adding Stefanik to a future Trump ticket have gained steam in recent weeks at Mar-a-Lago and […]

What Memorial Day Means For Those Of Us Who Made It Home

Memorial Day is generally the kick-off of summer trips to the beach, road trips to state parks, and backyard barbeques with friends while sizzling under the warm sun. It’s also often when social media is filled with veterans posting the differences between Armed Forces Day, Veterans Day, and Memorial Day. Followed up by profile pictures […]

Overlooked War Heroes, Military Dogs Remind Us All What Loyalty And Love Truly Mean

Earlier this week, I read an article about a Russian war dog who allegedly “switched sides” to work for the Ukrainian Army. Rumor has it this dog was left behind by its handler, and the Ukrainians found it starving and neglected. While I find it odd that a handler would leave behind their pup, and […]

Videos Surface Showing Parents Pleading With Cops To Take Down Uvalde Shooter While He Was Inside Classroom For Up To An Hour

Anger is mounting as videos have surfaced showing police officers fighting with parents who were begging them to go in and stop the shooter at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. Some reports indicate the shooter may have been inside, where 19 children were murdered, for up to an hour. The killer, according to multiple […]

New Poll: Plurality Of Americans Say Stricter Gun Laws Would Not Have Prevented Buffalo Shooting

As America reels from two mass shootings within 10 days, the debate over the nation’s gun laws has begun once again in earnest. But a new Yahoo News/YouGov poll shows that many Americans are not convinced that new or stricter gun laws are the answer to preventing tragedies like the one in Buffalo, New York. […]

Texas Launches Operations Center To Oversee 15-Agency Effort To Thwart Illegal Immigration

By Bethany Blankley (The Center Square) Govt. Greg Abbott is launching the Joint Border Security Operations Center to oversee a 15-agency effort to thwart illegal immigration funded by Texas taxpayers. Texas shares the largest border with Mexico of 1,254 miles and is bearing the brunt of the surge illegal immigration. Last year, the state legislature […]

Highway Trust Fund Loses Average of $18B Per Year

By Adam Andrzejewski for RealClearPolicy The Highway Trust Fund that finances most federal government spending for highways and mass transit is projected to lose an average of $18 billion per year in the next several years. That’s according to the Federal Fumbles report from Republican Sen. James Lankford (Okla.). President Dwight Eisenhower created the Highway […]