Go out Achille Occhietto, Giorgia Meloni enters. What a couple if their paths had crossed, to the exhibition above Enrico Berlinguer, perhaps under the poster with the hammer and sickle: “Vote for the Communist.” Instead, last night the PCI’s last secretary escaped, just minutes before the prime minister entered the former Testaccio slaughterhouse, where the memorial exhibition about the most popular communist leader is set up. Meloni and Occhetto haven’t seen each other. “And luckily,” jokes the man behind the turnaround from Bolognina, who stayed between the pavilions for over two hours. Meloni, on the other hand, needed three quarters of an hour. “But joking aside – continues Occhetto – I think it was a dutiful visit.”

Dear Enrico Berlinguer, leader of the other politics. Life and works exhibited

by Stefano Cappellini

Announced to the organizers, but without informing the press. Accompanied by the very loyal head of staff Patrizia ScurtiMeloni was accompanied by the historical treasurer of the DS between photos and front pages of the time, Ugo Sposettiwho organized the exhibition with the Berlinguer association, and one of the curators, Alexander HöbelDirector of “Marxismo Oggi” (but he did not give copies of the magazine to the Prime Minister).

(((gele.Finegil.Image2014v1) Meloni visits the exhibition about Berlinguer in Testaccio))

Since Meloni was playing away, he didn’t worry too much. But she seemed quite intrigued. Above all, respect. She remembered that she had “played on the other side since she was a child,” but under the black and white gaze of “mild Enrico,” she spoke of a “beautiful season.” In other words: good times, despite the “drama of the political violence of those years.” And that’s no small thing, coming from a party leader who often teases the Democratic Party on television for not voting for a resolution condemning communism in the European Parliament (and the Democrats didn’t do so precisely because Berlinguer’s resolution, they explained, Meloni lingered between audio recordings of Berlinguer’s speeches. He listened to the one on Palestine. He read the speech on austerity and commented: “It was very different to the austerity measures we are talking about today.” Before returning in When the blue car got out, the Prime Minister wrote a dry dedication in the guest book: “Telling a political story. And politics is the only possible solution to problems.” Signed Meloni. The exhibition ends the day after tomorrow.