Explain the phases of vaccine trials. If you are like us, dear readers, you… | by CommunicateHealth | wehearthealthalliteracy

Alt: Two doodles of scientists wearing masks stand in front of a sign that reads “Vaccine Trials.” One of the doodles is also wearing glasses and holding a pair of test tubes. If you are like us, dear readers, you have been eagerly following COVID-19 vaccine trials updates. But of course, any benefit from a […]

Morbidity and Mortality: Just Skip Them | by CommunicateHealth | wehearthealthliteracy | Jan 2021

Alt: A swooning doodle on a couch says, “Oh, mortality!” Another doodle points to a graph and says, “I think you’re talking about the death rate.” It’s hard to believe, dear readers, but the COVID-19 pandemic has dominated headlines and newsletters for almost a year year. And that means we’re coming into a flood year […]

Missing the brand with “Target audience” | by CommunicateHealth | wehearthealthliteracy | Feb 2021

Alt: A doodle aims a paper plane at another doodle and shouts, “Hold on! I’m trying to target you with information! “ Here has We ❤ Headquarters for Health Literacy, we are no strangers to the terms “target audience” and “target population” – they’re happy health products! But when you think about it, that’s not […]