“Bruno Astorre, with us forever”: the commemoration in Frascati one year after his death

“Bruno Astorre, with us forever,” says the Dem plaque dedicated to Bruno Astorre. Today the PD community gathered in Frascati Parish to remember the Senator who died a year ago. Together with Astorre’s wife and mayor of Frascati, Francesca Sbardella, the secretary of the Democratic Party Elly Schlein, the group leaders Francesco Boccia and Chiara […]

The ANM against Nordio, President Santalucia: “Tests and competitions to humiliate the judges”

The justices were united in their opposition to the psychological suitability tests for robes, initially introduced by the Senate Judiciary Committee but certainly not denied by the Keeper of the Seals Carlo Nordio or rather, to read The doubt, the newspaper of the National Bar Council, would also be in favor. For the President of […]

“No to honorary citizenship in Piantedosi”. The Italian left protests against the decision of the mayor (former democrat) of Avellino

No to honorary citizenship a Matteo Piantedosi. After Batons against students in Pisa and FlorenceFrom Avellino, the province where the head of the Interior Ministry grew up, the opposition is now trying to stop the mayor of Irpinia’s proposal Gianluca Festa. The protest comes from the Italian left, which is convinced that, given the “Violence […]

Elezioni regionali in Sardegna, i risultati: Todde presidente, Truzzu: “Colpa mia”

I sardi hanno “risposto ai manganelli con le matite”, così Alessandra Todde commenta la sua vittoria alle elezioni regionali in Sardegna. “Mi hanno molto colpito i fatti che sono accaduti a Pisa, io ho studiato a Pisa, e quello che è capitato a dei ragazzi ci deve ricordare che i diritti non sono scontati”, ha […]

Regional elections in Sardinia, voter turnout increases: slow data, at 12 p.m. 18.4% voted. The polling stations are open until 10 p.m

In Sardinia it is about the election of the region’s new governor, whose name will be announced tomorrow. Voting is only possible today, until 10 p.m. Around one and a half million voters are called upon to decide on their successor Christian Solinas and to renew the regional council. However, the counting of ballots begins […]

Insults and mannequins burned, Mattarella expresses solidarity with Meloni: “Violence overwhelms politics”

The attack by Vincenzo De Luca, mannequins and pictures of the Prime Minister burned. The President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, expresses his solidarity with Giorgia Meloni “because violence is overwhelming politics”. He does this during a meeting at the Quirinale with a group of students: “We are witnessing an unbearable series of manifestations of […]

Justice costs the state treasury a billion euros. But it guarantees Italy’s democratic stability

Il Sole 24 Ore publishes the data from Via Arenula, focusing on the costs of wiretapping, which the Minister of Justice Nordio has been trying to reduce for a year. But at the start of the judicial year, first President Cassano emphasized expediting civil and criminal trials

Von der Leyen is running again for the head of the EU Commission

Now it is official: Ursula von der Leyen He is running to remain at the head of the EU Commission. “I took office in 2019 because I firmly believe in Europe. For me, Europe is my home” and “today, five years later, I make the very conscious and well-considered decision to run for a second […]

Lia Quartapelle after the attacks on the Russian embassy: “They threaten our democracy. No sign of solidarity from the majority.”

“It is not the first time that the Russian Embassy has tried to interfere in the activities of the Italian Parliament and I am afraid it will not be the last. “Unless all the country’s political forces – often unaware of the damage Putin has inflicted on the fundamental principles of freedom and justice – […]

Meloni after the Italy-Romania summit: “Convicts serve their sentences in their own countries, we follow the parliament in Gaza”

“I thank Prime Minister Ciolacu for his great availability in judicial matters: many points are shared, for example I think that among the challenges we face, it is important that prisoners legally convicted in their respective countries serve their sentences in the country can.” “. Said the Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni in joint statements with […]