More than a million young people aged between 11 and 25 are at risk of alcohol abuse in Italy

How common is alcohol consumption among the very young in Italy? The issue is currently at the center of the debate sparked by recent news events and violent episodes among teenagers, which alcohol has played a part in reconstructing. The numbers of underage alcohol consumption The goal is a regular snapshot of young people’s relationship […]

PA unions: “We will not cancel the contract. The minister is calling us”

MILAN – “Public work is waiting for the renewal of the contract and this budget law can provide answers in this sense.” This is how the unions of the Palestinian Authority react to the absence of the issue of the contract extension for public employees in the discussions about the next maneuver: the economic difficulties […]

Meloni hears Saied: “More efforts against illegal migration”

phone call between Giorgia Meloni and the Tunisian President Kais Saied. The talks focused on bilateral relations and managing migration flows given the emergency that continues to affect both countries. “It was agreed on the need to further intensify the comprehensive efforts to strengthen the fight against illegal migration,” says a statement from the Palazzo […]

Basketball, Coach Pozzecco: “After the knockout against the Dominicans, I tried to throw myself out the window”

Copy Shocking sentence from Italy’s basketball coach Gianmarco Pozzecco after the victory over the Philippines, which guaranteed the Azzurri access to the second phase of the World Cup: “After the defeat against the Dominican Republic,” said Pozzecco, “I tried to open the window of my hotel . , […]

return stress? Five tips for restarting in the right mood

September is coming, we’re back from vacation and bad weather reminds us that summer’s ease is coming to an end, but don’t panic, Marie Antoinette GulinoPresident of the Order of Psychologists of Tuscany, reveals the rules to be adopted to overcome the problem Against stress. 1. Gradually For Gulino there is no doubt that “the […]

China wants to strengthen markets: taxes on stock exchange transactions are reduced

MILAN – Beijing, which is grappling with an economic slowdown that could threaten financial stability – as recently demonstrated by the case of Zhongrong Financial Group (which is unable to satisfy its creditors because it is in the real estate sector) – is playing the Fiscal card out to attract capital. It will do so […]

Pd, Bonaccini brands Schlein and appoints “shadow” squad leaders

ROME– While Elly Schlein In Switzerland, the internal minority of the Democratic Party is being reorganized. The stream of Stefano BonacciniThe “Energia Popolare”, baptized in Cesena at the end of July, had promised to structure itself. And so it is. With a series of Augustan appointments showing a desire to preside in one area, namely […]

Heart failure, anti-obesity drugs improve symptoms

Moving becomes a business. Out of breath, every exertion becomes almost unbearable, the ankles swell. And the quality of life deteriorates. For those suffering from heart failure obtained ejection fraction (the ejection fraction is an indicator of heart function) or more or less every second patient with chronic heart disease, even the fight against obesity […]

Powell’s Warning: “Inflation Still Too High.” Fed Remains Committed to Cooling Prices but Says “Caution”

Jerome Powell, the Federal Reserve Chairman, warns the market: Efforts to contain the price fire are still ongoing because the economy is “not cooling as expected”. Speech at the symposium Jackson HolePowell faces a crucial period: how much more tightening and how long can the inflation chapter be closed without doing too much damage to […]