The school of justice, the CSM splits, the secular and dressed right abstains from Sciarra

ROME – At the CSM, the votes for the Higher School of the Magistracy are once again being won by parties and not by merit. Seven city councilors to choose from, six professional and one layman, and now months of very heated conflicts and controversies. With the clear aim of the secular center-right council members […]

After the storm over the parallel between the Shoah and Gaza, President Anpi resigns

Farewell to the ANPI after over 30 years of militancy. The decision of the Anpi of Bagno a Ripoli to organize the day of remembrance on January 27, an initiative that compared the Holocaust to the “genocide of the Palestinians in Gaza by the Israeli army,” continues to raise eyebrows. After the uprising of the […]

The TV confrontation between Meloni and Schlein only took place in April: Rai favorite, Vespa in pole position

They start taking precautions. There is already talk of the minutes available for each of the two challengers, the times for the reply and the possibility of a final message. The television duel between the two heads of state and government, who will most likely run in the European elections, is taking shape. Especially the […]

From Prodi to Letta: The conclaves are not bringing good results for the center-left, but Schlein’s PD is trying again

Let’s go. Today and tomorrow all the deputies of the Democratic Party in Gubbio will be gathered in the same place, the Park Hotel dei Cappuccini, which has served on several occasions as Forza Italia’s political school. From here Silvio BerlusconiIn 2005, speaking about the following year’s political elections, he said: “We are not behind, […]

Justice and gag, crackdown on prosecutors’ press conferences. Delmastro: “Reviews initiated at 13 public prosecutor’s offices”

ROME – The crackdown on information continues. Against journalists who publish news about investigations and against judges who are “guilty” of holding public press conferences to democratically inform citizens about what is happening in their offices. Justice, the black year. The right’s attack begins with the recipe by Liana Milella January 6, 2024 The Undersecretary […]

Galoppi, the legal advisor to former Senate President Casellati, rises to the top of the independent judiciary

It was the shadow of Maria Elisabetta Alberti Casellati, when Berlusconi’s trusted parliamentarian was president of the Senate. And as CSM’s advisor on independent judiciary, he has been their constant partner in all Council decisions over the past four years. The very one in which he dictated the law of appointments Luca Palamara. So much […]

Toga | When Nordio accuses the Robes: “The situation is serious, give politicians suggestions for downright subversive actions.”

After Guido CrosettoNow Carlo Nordio. He too in an institutional seat, the Senate of the Republic. Where the Minister of Justice answers questions, including those from the Forza Italia player Pierantonio Zanettinwho has been putting all his energy into working closely with the member of the Northern League for three days Giulia Bongiornoto bring this […]

Autonomy in the Chamber on Tuesday 16th fails the latest attempt by the opposition to stop the Calderoli reform

ROME – The opposition’s latest attempt to stop differentiated autonomy failed. As expected, given the majority numbers. The proposal to first examine the popular initiative law in the Senate Chamber, which newly regulates the so-called competing issues between the state and the regions – i.e. Articles 116 and 117 of the Constitution – was stopped. […]

Salvini and the nepotism allegations in the Verdini case: “Nobody was ever reported, the good ones work”

“In my career, first as Interior Minister and now as Infrastructure Minister, I have never allowed myself to report to anyone: The good ones work.” Word from Matteo Salvini who chooses the ceremony at the start of the renovation work on the Monza race track in order to effectively break the silence and distance from […]

European elections, downside of FdI at 3%. Frost on Forza Italia Renzi dialogue

The curtain falls on the proposal to lower the threshold for European elections to 3%. Too much friction in the governing coalition, the wall erected by the Lega is very high, fearing that new right-wing formations could emerge, capable of intercepting Italy’s disappointed brothers and undermining this consensus, and vice versa Matthew Salvini hopes to […]