Respiratory viruses, according to the experts: “600,000 cases are expected at Easter”. How to heal yourself

Spring is here, Easter is just around the corner, but the climate is not helping to make respiratory illnesses a memory. The warning from infectious disease specialists also arrives just in time for the Easter holidays and the cold weather that is affecting a good half of Italy (northern and central Italy). The professor starts […]

Bnl, problems with checking accounts. The bank on multiple debits: “We solve the problem”

MILAN – Turbulent Easter evening for customers billionthe group’s bank BNP Paribas. Many of them experienced multiple debits to their checking accounts this morning, resulting in their balances being zero or even negative in some cases. The site is inaccessible and many of X’s customers complain about the inconvenience recorded on their checking accounts. In […]

Bonaccini hypothesis in Europe, FdI attacks: “Give up Emilia-Romagna like Schettino.” Me: “He on the run? Ridiculous”

The possibility of Stefano Bonaccini running for the EU puts the region on the ballot in less than half a day. The center-right parties immediately took over the field, and the FdI also attacked from Rome: “Bonaccini is irresponsible: like Schettino abandoning the ship.”

Covid, immune memory a protective shield against new variants

Vaccines have played a critical role in reducing morbidity and mortality caused by SARS-CoV-2. However, the emergence of new virus variants that can evade the antibody response raises questions about the long-term effectiveness of this strategy. The study was published in the renowned specialist journal natural immunology, opens new perspectives for understanding the immune response […]

Today’s stock markets, March 14th. Markets without direction, US producer prices under scrutiny

MILAN – Europe rises cautiously in a session with no clear direction for stock markets, mixed in Asia too Tokyo which ended slightly positively (+0.3%). “Investors are carefully watching producer price data coming out of the U.S., which “could be used to confirm or deny” the consumer inflation report, which came in above expectations earlier […]

Michele Santoro in the European elections with his pacifist movement: “We consider ourselves deserters”

ROME – Michele Santoro is running for the European elections. He will do this with his “Peace, Land, Dignity” movement, created with the aim of bringing together the demands of Italian pacifism with a view to the meeting on June 8-9. A list – as the former Rai moderator calls it – is aimed at […]

Lautaro and the forbidden point: He misses one of three penalties

MADRID – It’s okay that in penalty shootouts it’s all about having the courage to kick them, as the Chicks’ coaches and some nice songs say, but if you also shoot them it’s much better. Inter captain Lautaro Martinez knows something about this and leads Serie A’s top scorers list despite not being a penalty […]

Covid, during the pandemic life expectancy fell by 1.6 years

Covid-19 led to a 1.6-year decline in the average life expectancy of people around the world in the first two years of the pandemic, a more dramatic decline than previously thought, according to a study. According to hundreds of researchers who have examined data fromInstitute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME), based in the United […]

Today’s stock markets, March 12th. Markets are rising, US inflation is in focus

MILAN – Cautious rises for European stock markets tomorrow. The price lists are mainly looking at the data on American inflation in February, which arrives this afternoon and is expected to remain stable at 3.1% in February, but decline in the core component by 0.2% to 3.7%. Istat signals caution regarding the global economy, which […]