“We will go to the Red Sea to defend national interests, and in the world this will be done with weapons if necessary,” he says Stefania CraxiChairman of the Senate Defense Committee.

His words are in response to the above interview republic To Mohamed Ali al-Houti, one of the prominent leaders of the Ansar Allah movement, the followers of God, better known as the Houthis. “Italy will be a target if it participates in aggression against Yemen,” he warned. According to Craxi, “a hybrid war against the West has been going on for years.” So are the threats realistic? “The whole West is threatened and not today, and we are part of the West…”. In short: there will be no regression compared to the Aspides mission, which is scheduled to expire on February 19th.

Red Sea, key role of the Italian Navy: The super destroyer “Duilio” is leaving port

by Gianluca Di Feo

Enrico Borghi, Senator of Italia viva and member of Copasir, is cautious: “In these cases we have to separate the rhetoric from the actual element. What is certain is that Houti, along with Hamas, Hezbollah and Islamic Jihad, is an offshoot of Iran.” For Borghi, “the true source of all decisions lies not in Sanaa, but in Tehran. There is careful monitoring, last week the director of the Aise (the Italian secret service abroad), Ed) has been examined in detail by our Commission: “It is clear that there is an awareness of possible risks at all levels when deciding whether to activate military action in the Red Sea.”

As for the European mission in the Red Sea, “it will be a sea and air mission” and “we will have operational command of the mission at sea,” specifies the Foreign Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Antonio Tajani at the Med Dialogues extraordinary expert meeting currently taking place in Rome. “These are not escort missions, but operational defense: if there is an attack, we respond,” the minister added, specifying that “the rules of engagement apply to the military response to missile or naval attacks.”