The attack by Vincenzo De Luca, mannequins and pictures of the Prime Minister burned. The President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, expresses his solidarity with Giorgia Meloni “because violence is overwhelming politics”.

He does this during a meeting at the Quirinale with a group of students: “We are witnessing an unbearable series of manifestations of violence: insults, vulgarity of language, interventions without content but full of verbal aggression, even burning or denigrating effigies, and more.” the Prime Minister herself, to whom her full solidarity must be expressed – Mattarella’s answer to some questions from young people – Political confrontation, the opposition of ideas and proposals, competition, including elections, are shamed and distorted. “The dignity of politics is overwhelmed and disappears, replaced by demonstrations that represent its denial,” continues the President of the Republic. “I hope that politics will always reaffirm its authenticity in its best form as soon as possible.”

The automobilization reform in divided Italy, as it is called by the center-left, has sparked the anger of the governor of Campania. That, on the cohesion funds, which do not arrive, and on the South, which is left to its own devices, he had insulted “The Idiots, villains and political criminals“. Words with which Meloni launched an attack on the Democratic Party and shot into the middle Elly Schlein. With a post he called for distancing himself from the “unbearable verbal violence” of the governor of Campania, also aware of the low feelings that exist between the two Democrats.

Pictures of the Prime Minister were burned at some student and activist marches, also yesterday in the capital.