“Bruno Astorre, with us forever,” says the Dem plaque dedicated to Bruno Astorre. Today the PD community gathered in Frascati Parish to remember the Senator who died a year ago. Together with Astorre’s wife and mayor of Frascati, Francesca Sbardella, the secretary of the Democratic Party Elly Schlein, the group leaders Francesco Boccia and Chiara Braga and the entire municipality.

Bruno Astorre, the funeral in Colonna. The woman: “I’m sorry because I didn’t fully understand it.”

by Marina de Ghantuz Cubbe

Among the party comrades and friends who remembered “the man of the territory who knew how to be among the people” were Dario Franceschini, Pier Ferdinando Casini, Beatrice Lorenzin, Filippo Sensi, Nicola Zingaretti, Cecilia D’Elia, Simona Malpezzi, Michela Di Biase, Andrea Marcucci.

Also present were former senator Luigi Zanda and several local representatives, including Lazio Democratic Party secretary Daniele Leodori, city councilor Michela Califano, Marta Bonafoni and Roman secretary Enzo Foschi.

“I wasn’t lucky enough to know Bruno that well, but I can bring a touch that stays. I think that’s why it’s important to be here: to understand how to honor this memory of Bruno by learning to be who he was because you are.” A good politician and a good leader means concrete To provide answers to people’s problems. As the Democratic Party, we are trying to bring back to center stage all the issues that Bruno cared about: from health care to the right to education to housing. Good policy can be written in Parliament, but if you don’t have an eye on the area where tailored responses are needed for the people, it becomes useless. The security of our communities – I say this with a subtle polemical tone – is precisely “listening to people and not excluding them,” said Elly Schlein. “We are trying,” the secretary added, “but there is another issue that we need to focus on and Bruno can help us. We recently won an election, but there were still 47% of people who didn’t vote.” “So if we’re like Bruno, we learn not to benefit from a win if we don’t understand why we not doing enough and why they don’t vote. We have to pay attention to the territory,” said Schlein, speaking about the result in Sardinia.