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Meloni’s visit to the exhibition about Berlinguer (immediately after Occhetto): “It was a beautiful time of year”. The former PDS leader: “Luckily we didn’t meet”

Go out Achille Occhietto, Giorgia Meloni enters. What a couple if their paths had crossed, to the exhibition above Enrico Berlinguer, perhaps under the poster with the hammer and sickle: “Vote for the Communist.” Instead, last night the PCI’s last secretary escaped, just minutes before the prime minister entered the former Testaccio slaughterhouse, where the […]

Gary Neville and Roy Keane: “Some Italian teams were not clean”

LONDON – Two Manchester United legends accuse some Italian teams of doping. They don’t mention names because, as he says himself former Red Devils captain Gary Neville, otherwise “we would have legal problems”. But his statements and those of another ex United leader Roy KeaneToday both commentators on Sky in England and protagonists of the […]

Sadness or depression? How to recognize the symptoms of the disease. And heal it

At least three million Italians suffer from depression. “A state of malaise, a loss of energy, a difficulty doing what we were doing before, does not always depend on ourselves but can be a sign of an illness,” says Emi Bondi, president of the Italian Society of Psychiatry. But how do you know when you’re […]

The stock markets today, February 7th. Negative Europe is weighing on Germany’s industrial production. Schnabel (ECB): “Be careful with interest rates”

Wall Street expects negative Europe European stock markets remain in negative territory ahead of Wall Street, where futures fall. Markets are concerned about central banks’ reluctance to cut interest rates and China’s economic growth. Government bonds showed little movement, the spread between BTPs and federal bonds was 156 points and the yield on the ten-year […]

Maria Fida Moro, the tortured life of the DC statesman’s daughter

Until the very end Maria Fida Morowho died today at the age of 77 after a long illness, searched for the truth about her father’s death, Aldo Moro, killed by the Red Brigades in 1978. As an enemy of rhetoric, he even criticized the beatification of the DC president because it would have represented a […]

De Laurentiis: “I made a mistake with Spalletti. I had to make him stay in Naples, I let him go out of gratitude.

NAPLES — Let’s forget the past? No, after the championship for Aurelio De Laurentiis It’s a wound that’s still open and eight months later it’s time to say goodbye Luciano Spalletti is still there Naples a very sensitive topic. “I have already taken all the blame for the difficulties of this season, but I would […]

Today’s stock markets, February 5th. Powell (Fed) backs away from March rate cut. Reluctant EU price lists, Milan increases with Unicredit. Crazy session for China

MILAN – The Federal Reserve’s work on interest rates has borne fruit, but they are not yet fully developed. That is the essence of the president’s words Jerome Powellinterviewed by CBS Sunday evening: “Inflation fell sharply last year and in the last six months. We are making progress. The work is not done and we […]

In the Red Sea crisis, Tajani responds to Al-Houti’s threats against Italy

“We will go to the Red Sea to defend national interests, and in the world this will be done with weapons if necessary,” he says Stefania CraxiChairman of the Senate Defense Committee. His words are in response to the above interview republic To Mohamed Ali al-Houti, one of the prominent leaders of the Ansar Allah […]

Sofia Goggia, injury in training: fractured tibia and fibula

The season is almost certainly over Sofia Goggia. The 31-year-old Italian champion injured herself this morning during giant slalom training in Casola di Ponte di Legno when her right leg hit a door that turned to the right. Initial information suggests a likely fracture of the tibia and fibula. “At the moment it is still […]