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Coronavirus live: India reports over 200,000 cases for seventh day in a row; Japan considers new restrictions | World news

6:03 a.m. BST 06:03 Japan considers new restrictions The Japanese government is considering states of emergency for Tokyo and Osaka as the number of new Covid cases rises, NHK TV reported on Wednesday, a move that would allow prefectural authorities to impose restrictions in an attempt to stop the spread of infections.With thousands of new […]

The quiz “ 10 or more three points in a game ”

Golden State Warriors superstar Steph Curry has three rings and two MVPs on his resume, but it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say he currently plays the best basketball of his 12-year career. In his last 10 games, Curry has been averaging 40.7 points per game while shooting an incredible 55-50-91 on his share percentage. […]

Hong Kong Woman, 90, Victim of $ 32 Million Phone Scam | Hong Kong

A 90-year-old Hong Kong woman has been defrauded of $ 32 million by fraudsters posing as Chinese officials, police said in the city’s largest recorded phone scam. Police said on Tuesday that crooks targeted an elderly woman living in a mansion in The Peak, Hong Kong’s poshest neighborhood. Last summer, criminals contacted the anonymous woman […]

China’s Xi Jinping to attend Joe Biden climate summit Global climate talks

Chinese President Xi Jinping will attend a US-led climate change summit on Thursday at the invitation of President Joe Biden, during the first meeting between the two leaders since the accession of the new US administration. Biden has invited dozens of world leaders to join the two-day virtual summit that will begin Thursday, after bringing […]

“We can breathe again”: George Floyd’s family reacts to Derek Chauvin’s verdict – video | American News

George Floyd’s family members choked back tears as they spoke of their relief that former Minneapolis cop Derek Chauvin was convicted of murder when their brother died. “Today we can breathe again,” George Floyd’s brother Philonise Floyd told reporters. Floyd family attorney Benjamin Crump said they left court knowing ‘America is a better country’

AstraZeneca Vaccine Blood Clot Risk vs. Chance of Dying in Car Crash, Experts Say | Health

Trying to minimize the risk of severe but rare clotting that appears to be associated with the AstraZeneca vaccine by comparing it to the risk of clotting from taking the contraceptive pill, or the chances of dying in a car accident, is unnecessary and probably ineffective in construction. vaccine confidence, a group of medical experts […]

Melting Arctic Ice Linked to Bowhead Whales Preventing Annual Migration | Environment

As the ice melts at a rapid rate in the Arctic, the mining and shipping industry has carved out an opportunity to emerge from the crisis. Meanwhile, the marine ecosystem has to contend with heat, noise, pollution, and the cascade of other changes that come with environmental upheavals. Now, researchers have found a species of […]