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Inter, the numbers prove their dominance: Inzaghi has three points more than he scored in the entire last championship

BOLOGNA – After just 28 days Inter has exceeded by three points the 72-point lead with which the last championship was concluded. In training she surpassed herself with ten races to go. In terms of goals scored, Inzaghi’s team is already at 70. At the end of the last championship they had scored 71, enough […]

What to do if my child doesn’t want to go to school? The neuropsychiatrist’s answer

“A child or young person who refuses to go to school should not be judged. We try to respond to the difficulties he or she is having. That doesn’t necessarily mean supporting him,” says Stefano Vicari, head of child and adolescent neuropsychiatry at the Institute of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, hospital pediatrician Bambino Gesù from […]

In the elections in Abruzzo, Marsilio follows the D’Amico model

PESCARA – No national big names. To end the election campaign in Abruzzo, both the right and the left are focusing on the governors of other regions. Real or perceived models of “good governance”, but a local version. After a parade of ministers – the last one is Gennaro Sangiulianothat you see this afternoon Marcus […]

Sainz has to undergo appendicitis and is replaced by Bearman

Appendicitis: This was the cause of the high fever and discomfort he was feeling Carlos Sainz. The Ferrari driver needs to undergo surgery and will miss the third weekend and the rest of the weekend in Jeddah. He will be replaced at the wheel of the SF 24 by the Englishman from Maranello Oliver Bearman19 […]

School fear: where it comes from, how to recognize it and overcome it

Fear of school is a growing phenomenon; between 5 and 28% of children and young people suffer from it. It creates anxiety and fear that affects not only class attendance and performance, but also overall well-being and health. “It is increasing, like many mental disorders in developmental age, we have been observing this increase for […]

Stock markets today, March 6: Egypt increases interest rates, investments for Acea amounting to 7.6 billion

MILAN – Mixed indices in the West and a positive session in Asia, with investors focused on the Economic Party Congress in China after growth targets were set at a 5% benchmark. China has made progress in its economic restructuring process and will “soon further optimize the changes,” he said Zheng Shanjie, head of the […]

From Amato to Zevi, 120 signatures for the manifesto appeal “From October 7th to Peace” promoted by the Left for Israel.

Out of Giuliano Amato To Giulio Napolitano, out of Luciano Violante To Tobia Zevi. There are over 120 signatories to the manifesto “From October 7th to Peace” promoted by the organization. Left for Israel on the crisis in the Middle East and “open to those who believe in a solution based on the rights of […]

Lazio, the cycle is at the end. Sarri can leave early, Lotito likes Palladino

MUNICH – Lazio understands that they are not yet a team at international level. “To become one, we would have to play in the Champions League every year,” notes Cataldi, but the Biancocelesti, after becoming the first Italian team to emerge from it, risk not being in Europe next year either: the Champions Cup has […]