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West Nile, the number of cases in Italy rises from 6 to 25

Confirmed cases of West Nile virus (WNV) infection among people in Italy have risen to 25 since early May. In the previous one there were 6 Notice of July 27, which also reported one death in Lombardy. There are 34 provinces with proven distribution of WNV belonging to 7 regions: Piedmont, Lombardy, Veneto, Emilia Romagna, […]

Marta Fascina and the dedication to Berlusconi on Whatsapp: “My love, it would take wings to reach you”

After days of long absence Martha Fascina breaks the silence However, no politics. The companion of Silvio Berlusconi Dedicate a WhatsApp status to the leader who died on June 12. “To reach you it would take wings, for you, my love, are very high up, in a blue sky, where there is peace and love, […]

“They take away our income without giving us jobs.” In the Bari suburbs, Meloni was cheered

CHEAT — The sentence falls at seven o’clock in the evening, when the sun has set and the wind has become the protagonist of the scene: light but pleasant. Mauro, 45 years old, spends twenty minutes explaining his frustration at the message from the INPS, which informed him that he could no longer receive the […]

The summer camps of the baby patriots of the Melonian right

They say they were inspired by the education of young Spartans and in fact called them “Agogé”, after the education and training system to which in ancient Greece, in the famous capital of Laconia, every citizen who had just turned seven years old was subjected . Discipline, obedience, group loyalty, exercises and strength tests. In […]

Renzi signs three bills, including the prime ministerial bill

ROME — “I am a jukebox, I answer all questions, even in a debate with Minister Sangiuliano about a book, if the Minister has read it…”. AND Matteo Renzi-Show, pre-parliamentary holidays. The former prime minister and chairman of Italia viva deposits three bills signed at a press conference in Palazzo Madama in favor of television […]

Antitrust law: Controls are being carried out in the taxi trade for damages

ROME – The Cartel Office has launched a review measure in the taxi sector for critical questions found one Rome, Milan and Naples and who creates”Significant inefficiencies for users: from waiting times to using the taximeter, from accepting electronic payments to the correct functionality of the POS“. The Competition and Markets Authority states this in […]