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Matteo Salvini and Putin’s attraction between partnership, exchange and propaganda

That between the League and post-Soviet Russia is an old love, or in any case a relationship of mutual attention, which, frankly, has not arisen Matteo Salvinieven if the relationship with the current Federal Secretary solidifies and becomes a terminated structural agreement

De Laurentiis from the public prosecutor’s office in Rome is accused of false accounting in the Osimhen affair

NAPLES – The appointment is scheduled for this morning in Rome at the public prosecutor’s office Aurelio De Laurentiis is expected to be heard at the Story by Victor Osimhen. De Laurent is accused of false accounting Last January, the judges closed the investigation and acknowledged this Crime of false accounting in the transfer negotiations […]

Intelligent work, stop also for fragile employees: Back to the rules from before Corona

ROME – Intelligent working, back to the rules before Corona. From today there will be a halt to the simplified procedures introduced for the “frail” during the pandemic. That is, employees suffering from oncological diseases or other serious illnesses, as well as parents of minors under 14 years old. come back

The return of Ignazio Marino: The “Martian” dreams of the European Championships to put pressure on the Democratic Party from the left

The Return of the Martian: Ignazio Marino Candidate for the European elections between the Green Europe and Italian Left lists, united in alliance with the citizen networks. Environmental protection, urban and social renewal, public health and civil rights, peace in Ukraine and a green light in Palestine for the solution of two states and two […]

Respiratory viruses, according to the experts: “600,000 cases are expected at Easter”. How to heal yourself

Spring is here, Easter is just around the corner, but the climate is not helping to make respiratory illnesses a memory. The warning from infectious disease specialists also arrives just in time for the Easter holidays and the cold weather that is affecting a good half of Italy (northern and central Italy). The professor starts […]

Bnl, problems with checking accounts. The bank on multiple debits: “We solve the problem”

MILAN – Turbulent Easter evening for customers billionthe group’s bank BNP Paribas. Many of them experienced multiple debits to their checking accounts this morning, resulting in their balances being zero or even negative in some cases. The site is inaccessible and many of X’s customers complain about the inconvenience recorded on their checking accounts. In […]

Bonaccini hypothesis in Europe, FdI attacks: “Give up Emilia-Romagna like Schettino.” Me: “He on the run? Ridiculous”

The possibility of Stefano Bonaccini running for the EU puts the region on the ballot in less than half a day. The center-right parties immediately took over the field, and the FdI also attacked from Rome: “Bonaccini is irresponsible: like Schettino abandoning the ship.”