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OnePlus Nord 2 MediaTek’ten amiral gemisi yüzey yonga setini alacak

Kredi: Ryan Thomas Shaw / Android Referansı OnePlus Nord 2’nin yapım aşamasında olduğu söyleniyor. OnePlus için ilk olan amiral gemisi MediaTek yonga setinin kullanıldığı söyleniyor. Telefonun 2021 yılının 2. çeyreğinde ortaya çıkması bekleniyor. OnePlus Nord, orta sınıf pazarına girme hırsıyla piyasaya sürüldü. O zamandan beri, hat daha da düşük fiyatlara hizmet eden iki ek model […]

Is Seahawks ready to listen to Russell Wilson’s commercial offers?

Russell Wilson took the commercial buzz surrounding him to new heights when his agent openly named for the teams the quarterback would be open to joining, and the tension between the two sides does not appear to be easing. Wilson and the Seahawks are both unhappy with each other. Wilson feels he doesn’t have enough […]

Melissa Caddick Investors Lose Nearly $ 25 Million, Liquidators Report Says | Business

Melissa Caddick’s investors have lost nearly $ 25 million, according to a redacted report on her financial affairs, as police continue to search for her body. An investor confirmed to Guardian Australia that a report provided by court-appointed interim liquidators Jones Partners contained the figure, which is almost double the early estimates provided by corporate […]

Promoting anti-police myths won’t make us safer

By Jason Johnson For RealClearPolicy As the House of Representatives considers that “George Floyd Justice in the Police Services Act 2021This week, supporters of the bill are rightly speaking out against pernicious stereotypes and generalizations based on race. Yet many of those who rightly condemn these dangerous biases and the lies on which they are […]

Evaluating DeMarcus Cousins’ Suitability for Heat in 21

DeMarcus Cousins ​​was released from the Houston Rockets a week ago after his salary for the 2020-2021 season was guaranteed by the team. The Rockets decided to guarantee his salary first before releasing him due to his exceptional behavior while in Houston. The heat has has long shown interest in cousins and chased him through […]

Coronavirus Live News: Covid death rates 10 times higher in countries where most adults are overweight | World news

11:57 p.m. GMT 23:57 Brazil suffers another day of record Covid death Tom phillips Brazil has suffered another day of record Covid losses with at least 1,910 new deaths reported in the crisis-stricken South American country. On Wednesday evening, the National Council of Secretaries of State for Health said the deaths brought the country’s total […]

Senate lowers income threshold for stimulus checks, prepares to vote on $ 1.9 trillion COVID bill

The Senate came to an agreement with President Joe Biden that lower income limits required to receive a coronavirus stimulus check for $ 1,400. The Hill reports that the new levels will be $ 75,000 per year for individuals and $ 150,000 for couples. This is a reduction from levels in the House version of […]

Alexa on Fire TV, canlı programların adını ayarlayabilir

Kredi: Eric Zeman / Android Kurumu Amazon, Fire TV’de canlı görüntülemeyi yükseltti. Alexa, yalnızca kanallarına göre değil, adına göre ayarlanabilir. Ayrıca IMDb, Xumo ve (yakında) Plex’ten yeni kanallar göreceksiniz. Tekrar oynamayı beklemek yerine gerçek sporları ve şovları izlemeyi tercih ederseniz, Fire TV’niz çok daha kullanışlıdır. Amazon Fire TV deneyimini hem canlı şovları izlemenize hem de […]

Australia live news: Linda Reynolds does not deny reports that Brittany Higgins was a ‘lying cow’ | Australia News

8:49 p.m. GMT 20:49 Let’s talk for a moment about these allegations of bullying at Buckingham Palace (we are still in the British Empire after all). Ben quinn, Archie Bland, and Caroline davies have the cover: Buckingham Palace must investigate allegations of intimidation against the Duchess of Sussex by a former royal staff member, he […]