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China wants to strengthen markets: taxes on stock exchange transactions are reduced

MILAN – Beijing, which is grappling with an economic slowdown that could threaten financial stability – as recently demonstrated by the case of Zhongrong Financial Group (which is unable to satisfy its creditors because it is in the real estate sector) – is playing the Fiscal card out to attract capital. It will do so […]

Pd, Bonaccini brands Schlein and appoints “shadow” squad leaders

ROME– While Elly Schlein In Switzerland, the internal minority of the Democratic Party is being reorganized. The stream of Stefano BonacciniThe “Energia Popolare”, baptized in Cesena at the end of July, had promised to structure itself. And so it is. With a series of Augustan appointments showing a desire to preside in one area, namely […]

Heart failure, anti-obesity drugs improve symptoms

Moving becomes a business. Out of breath, every exertion becomes almost unbearable, the ankles swell. And the quality of life deteriorates. For those suffering from heart failure obtained ejection fraction (the ejection fraction is an indicator of heart function) or more or less every second patient with chronic heart disease, even the fight against obesity […]

Powell’s Warning: “Inflation Still Too High.” Fed Remains Committed to Cooling Prices but Says “Caution”

Jerome Powell, the Federal Reserve Chairman, warns the market: Efforts to contain the price fire are still ongoing because the economy is “not cooling as expected”. Speech at the symposium Jackson HolePowell faces a crucial period: how much more tightening and how long can the inflation chapter be closed without doing too much damage to […]

Cattaneo: “The right must not trivialize the question of identity”

MILAN — Did Alessandro Cattaneo, deputy and deputy coordinator of Forza Italia appreciate Mattarella’s speech? And if so, which parts in particular? “I really appreciated it. I think he addressed complex issues but spoke directly, for example with young people; or on the subject of individual-society, in a society that tends to spoil you, with […]

World Athletics Championships, accident between two golf carts: a Jamaican athlete and a volunteer were injured

Copy Two golf carts transporting the athletes from the warm-up field to the “National Athletics Center” stadium in Budapest, where the World Athletics Championships are held, collided violently: some of the athletes were traveling in one of the two electric vehicles, and shortly before that they were supposed […]

The Moscow Stock Exchange at pre-war levels. But for Putin, it’s a temporary victory

As Russia intensifies its military operations, it is trying to salvage its economy caught between the ruble crisis and increasing international isolation. The Moscow Stock Exchange, after four straight positive sessions with gains in the range of 3-4% per session, has reached pre-invasion levels, although it ended with a slight loss. It’s all about pushing […]

New Thatcher or old Missina: the crossroads Meloni pretends not to see

Observing the contortions of Giorgia MeloniAs a rising conservative leader in Europe and a stubborn sovereign “capatrena” in Italy, many have long argued that the time for forced decisions is near: either the first, or the second, or a new one Thatcher oh old witch A third position, an expression close to my heart Marcellus […]