The Return of the Martian: Ignazio Marino Candidate for the European elections between the Green Europe and Italian Left lists, united in alliance with the citizen networks.

Environmental protection, urban and social renewal, public health and civil rights, peace in Ukraine and a green light in Palestine for the solution of two states and two peoples with the EU as guarantor: Marino’s name is shuffling the cards in Rome and putting pressure on the Capitoline Democratic Party .

There is no official announcement yet, in fact the Italian Left and Green Europe have not confirmed it. But they don’t deny it either: the regional secretary of the Italian Left Danilo Cosentino asks for discretion, silenced by the spokesman for Green Europe Angelo Bonelli.

Virginia Raggi from the 5S symbol to the threat of a million followers: Why Giuseppe Conte excluded the former mayor from the European elections

by Lorenzo D’Albergo

The fear of burning everything down is great and the game is not over yet. But the rumor is also circulating in the circles of the Capitol Democratic Party, which now fears having to face its archenemy: the return of the “great unfinished,” the former mayor of Rome.

Furthermore, the Left is focusing on mayors in the next European elections, scheduled for Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 June. Marino’s name would go hand in hand with the now certain candidacy in southern Italy Mimmo Lucanoformer mayor of Riace and thoroughbred of the Watermelon Alliance, green on the outside and red on the inside.

“Our candidacies will have as a reference point peace and the need to bring to Europe a different perspective than the current one, closer to the real needs of the people, but without leading to populism and the right wing, which is unfortunately the case.” “We are making progress in all countries,” he explains Danilo Cosentino Regional Secretary of the Italian Left.

The identity pursued corresponds perfectly to the former mayor of Rome, a synthetic figure for the souls of the left disappointed by the line Elly Schlein and for environmentalists and radicals disappointed with the agreement Bonino with Renzi. Fratoianni, Bonelli and even the former caudillo of the Roman left, Massimiliano Smeriglio, they know full well that Marino acts as a glue for these souls of the left and environmentalism, starting with sensitive issues for Rome such as the waste incinerator, urban planning and beach management. Finally, with the former mayor, the left would gain weight compared to Gualtieri’s PD: currently the Watermelon Alliance has only one councilor among the municipalities, Guglielmo Calcerano, in charge of public works in Ostia and on the coast.

The name Ignazio Marino is tempting in this election round. A few months ago Michele Santoro He contacted the surgeon, his personal friend, to test the situation. But apparently nothing further came of it.

But the former mayor, with his strong and indomitable character, has accustomed everyone to sudden backlash. That’s why her mouth stays closed. The next few weeks will be crucial: mid-April Fratoianni, Bonelli and Smeriglio will present the lists. Marino would be at college in central Italy, but will have to compete with Smeriglio, who in Rome can count on the reservoir of radical leftists such as Ostiense, Garbatella and Tor Marancio, led by his protégé Amedeo Ciaccheri.