Cattaneo: “The right must not trivialize the question of identity”

MILAN — Did Alessandro Cattaneo, deputy and deputy coordinator of Forza Italia appreciate Mattarella’s speech? And if so, which parts in particular? “I really appreciated it. I think he addressed complex issues but spoke directly, for example with young people; or on the subject of individual-society, in a society that tends to spoil you, with […]

World Athletics Championships, accident between two golf carts: a Jamaican athlete and a volunteer were injured

Copy Two golf carts transporting the athletes from the warm-up field to the “National Athletics Center” stadium in Budapest, where the World Athletics Championships are held, collided violently: some of the athletes were traveling in one of the two electric vehicles, and shortly before that they were supposed […]

The Moscow Stock Exchange at pre-war levels. But for Putin, it’s a temporary victory

As Russia intensifies its military operations, it is trying to salvage its economy caught between the ruble crisis and increasing international isolation. The Moscow Stock Exchange, after four straight positive sessions with gains in the range of 3-4% per session, has reached pre-invasion levels, although it ended with a slight loss. It’s all about pushing […]

New Thatcher or old Missina: the crossroads Meloni pretends not to see

Observing the contortions of Giorgia MeloniAs a rising conservative leader in Europe and a stubborn sovereign “capatrena” in Italy, many have long argued that the time for forced decisions is near: either the first, or the second, or a new one Thatcher oh old witch A third position, an expression close to my heart Marcellus […]

Tamberi Gold at the World Cup, Malagò calls him hands-free during an event: “Gimbo, you are a monster”

Copy “Congratulations Phenomenon!”. The President of Coni, Giovanni Malagò, called last night while he was attending last night’s debate in Sabaudia, as part of the event “Mediterranea – The Blue Civilization” conceived by Micromegas, when he received gold medal from Gianmarco Tamberi at the World Athletics Championships in […]

Paralyzed woman speaks again through a digital avatar

A woman paralyzed by a stroke speaks again through a digital avatar that reproduces her voice and even her facial expressions: credit goes to a new brain-computer interface that, for the first time, manages to translate brain activity signals into words and phrases to generate faster and faster communication to enable more natural communication. The […]

Musk on X (ex Twitter): “There are no big social networks. We may fail, but we will do our best.”

MILAN – It is not often that an entrepreneur calmly awaits the bankruptcy of his company. But with Elon Musk In the middle, the canons of tradition certainly have relative weight. The owner of Platform Musk wrote down The sad truth is that there are currently no great “social networks”. We may fail, as so […]

The number of unaccompanied migrant children in Milan has doubled in three years. The Municipality’s Appeal to the Government

“We need national leadership. We will form an alliance between cities. We’ve been worried about Mayor Sala for two years.” Social Councilor Lamberto Bertolè joins Giorgio Gori’s appeal on the issue of receiving unaccompanied foreign minors. In an interview with republicthe mayor of Bergamo explained that the municipality had submitted a warning and an appeal […]