In a season in which two phenomena like Cyprien SarrazinWinner again, and Marco Odermattwhich now hits hard even downhill, Dominic Paris takes a very difficult third place at the Kitzbühel classic. A race that, if necessary, confirms the rediscovered form of the champion, who won three times on the Streif and once again found his way to be fearsome. If he had been on the podium the day before Florian Schieder, second, 5 hundredths behind Sarrazin, this time in the eagerly awaited free climbing fell to the 34-year-old winner from Val Gardena, his 46th podium place in the World Cup. Paris jumped 41 meters over the famous mousetrap (85% gradient), fought in the big left-hand bend of the carousel curve and, despite a delay of one and three seconds, still plunged at a speed of 112 km / h in which he crossed the narrow street of the pure entered the river. In the section before the Seidlalm jump, which precedes a hump before a left-hand bend, he was even better than Sarrazin and Odermatt, but lost half a second on the diagonal of the local mountain and was then the fastest again in the final, where he achieved 143 km/ h overtook. In the end, his third place withstood the attacks from the Austrians and Canadians, but also the Norwegians Adrian Smiseth Sejerstad who was in the lead for half the race before crashing, then the Swiss Franjo Von Allmen published after he was among the first.

Matthias Mayer in the hospital after the forbidden party. The wine, the reassurance, the police: what happened?

by Mattia Chiusano