Pericarditis, from symptoms to treatment: what is Crosetto’s heart problem?

Defense Minister Guido Crosetto was urgently hospitalized for suspected pericarditis. What is it, what does it matter and how is it treated? Pericarditis The heart is about the size of its owner’s closed fist. And it is a hollow organ, so it is empty inside (in reality it is always filled with blood). It consists […]

Strep A, from symptoms to testing to treatment: What you need to know

Maybe it’s because the pandemic has had it under control for quite some time, or maybe it’s because our immune systems are still “out of shape” due to the effects of social distancing. It appears that Strep A is affecting a greater number of people than in the past. In Milan in particular, the bacterium […]

Sadness or depression? How to recognize the symptoms of the disease. And heal it

At least three million Italians suffer from depression. “A state of malaise, a loss of energy, a difficulty doing what we were doing before, does not always depend on ourselves but can be a sign of an illness,” says Emi Bondi, president of the Italian Society of Psychiatry. But how do you know when you’re […]

Carmen Di Marzo, the actress of “Mare Fuori”: “I was depressed as a teenager, I understand children, but you can get out of it.”

“I have often experienced the pain of life,” writes Eugenio Montale in Ossi di Seppia. AND Carmen Di MarzoActress, singer, acting teacher, among others new entry from “Mare Fuori 4” (from February 14th on Rai2, in prime time) tells of his encounter with what Saint Augustine defined as a sloth. “I experienced the pain of […]

Schizophrenia, the long-acting antipsychotic that halves the injections

For people suffering from schizophrenia, a long-acting injectable (LAI) antipsychotic that halves the dose may soon come onto the market in Europe. The Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use (CHMP) of the European Medicines Agency (EMA) has actually expressed a positive opinion and recommended that a marketing authorization for aripiprazole in injectable formulation in […]

Writing by hand or using the keyboard are not the same for our brain

Writing by hand requires stronger brain connectivity than typing on a keyboard. Therefore, it is necessary to expose students to more activities that use handwriting. This was the result of a study by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. published in Frontiers in Psychology. Handwriting is becoming increasingly rare in school As digital devices […]

Retinal “mirrors” of eye, heart and lung health

Observing the retina could be enough to understand what state of health we are in. A team of scientists from the Massachusetts Eye and Ear/Broad Institute has found that there are links between retinal thickness and the risk of developing various diseases, not only eye diseases, but also neuropsychiatric and cardiometabolic diseases. It’s not the […]