Pretending to be sick is becoming an epidemic online

In 2014, Belle Gibson had the wind in its sails. The story of how this young Australian wellness blogger overcame inoperable brain cancer through healthy eating and alternative medicine captured worldwide attention, and her Apple app, The Whole Pantry , recorded 300,000 downloads. A Whole pantry cookbook, to be published by Penguin, was on the […]

Gun deaths have risen 30% among American children in a decade

In the end, the duo identified a 30% increase in risk over the study period from 2010 to 2019. During this period, suicides among young Americans increased by 63%. Among girls, gun-related deaths increased by 46%. The risk also increased by 45% in young whites and 36% in young blacks. But the increase […]

What doctors want patients to know about their work

July 22, 2022 – What would doctors want patients to understand about the practice of medicine today? More than 200 American doctors responded to a recent Medscape survey which aimed to find out exactly that. Read on to find out what doctors and primary care specialists say they want their patients to know about their […]

We (sort of) moved !. This week, in the spirit of spring… | by CommunicateHealth | wehearthealthliteracy | April 2021

Alt: A doodle drives a moving truck with “W❤HHL” emblazoned on the side while another doodle waves the passenger side window. They follow a sign that points to This week, in the spirit of spring cleaning, we’re taking a break from our regular content to tell you about a few important things about housekeeping. […]

Talk about telehealth. Here at We ❤ Health Literacy… | by CommunicateHealth | wehearthealthliteracy | March 2021

Alt: A doodle with a cat’s face talks to their doctor through their laptop. The doctor said, “Can you tilt the camera back? I need to see both the cat and your head to make my diagnosis. “ Here at the headquarters of We ❤ Health Literacy, we are big fans of preventative health care […]

Use of the learning method. As you probably know by now, my dear… | by CommunicateHealth | wehearthealthliteracy | March 2021

Alt: A doodle with a cat face talks to a doodle doctor via video chat. Doctor Doodle asks, “Can you tell me the steps to take care of your cat’s head?” The other doodle says, “Of course. I’ll do the hokey-pokey first. Then I will turn around. Doctor Doodle replies: “Yes! That’s the whole story! […]

Explain the phases of vaccine trials. If you are like us, dear readers, you… | by CommunicateHealth | wehearthealthalliteracy

Alt: Two doodles of scientists wearing masks stand in front of a sign that reads “Vaccine Trials.” One of the doodles is also wearing glasses and holding a pair of test tubes. If you are like us, dear readers, you have been eagerly following COVID-19 vaccine trials updates. But of course, any benefit from a […]

Morbidity and Mortality: Just Skip Them | by CommunicateHealth | wehearthealthliteracy | Jan 2021

Alt: A swooning doodle on a couch says, “Oh, mortality!” Another doodle points to a graph and says, “I think you’re talking about the death rate.” It’s hard to believe, dear readers, but the COVID-19 pandemic has dominated headlines and newsletters for almost a year year. And that means we’re coming into a flood year […]