Meloni after the Italy-Romania summit: “Convicts serve their sentences in their own countries, we follow the parliament in Gaza”

“I thank Prime Minister Ciolacu for his great availability in judicial matters: many points are shared, for example I think that among the challenges we face, it is important that prisoners legally convicted in their respective countries serve their sentences in the country can.” “. Said the Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni in joint statements with […]

Lazio-Bayern, Felipe Anderson and the perfect match: between the Champions League game and Juve advertising

ROME — Felipe Anderson the Italian. We expected Kane’s goals, Sané’s moves, Musiala’s appearances, Muller’s dominance. Among the best in the industry Lazio-BavariaInstead, the Brazilian, who thinks like a Coverciano manual: generous double coverage, punctual diagonals, counterattacks that hurt Bayern. Beaten by an Italian team after ten wins and two draws (the last defeat was […]

Pericarditis, from symptoms to treatment: what is Crosetto’s heart problem?

Defense Minister Guido Crosetto was urgently hospitalized for suspected pericarditis. What is it, what does it matter and how is it treated? Pericarditis The heart is about the size of its owner’s closed fist. And it is a hollow organ, so it is empty inside (in reality it is always filled with blood). It consists […]

The FdI amendment reopens voting for non-resident students. But for the European Championships it is a race against time

Just a few weeks ago the minister Matteo Piantedosi He had spoken of “objectively short” times and thereby dashed the hopes of those who, with the passage of the law discussed in the Senate, thought that the government would allow non-residents to vote from the next European elections. For this reason, the amendment to the […]

Ferrari SF-24: the presentation. The F1 World Championship comes to life

Here it is revealed, there SF-24. The seventieth Ferrari From formula 1, on the eve of Valentine’s Day and on Carnival Day. The celebratory music and then the historical images to commemorate a tradition and a coat of arms. Then the flashes, very short zooms on the two single-seaters Leclerc And Sainz. A minute, a […]

EU, agreement on economic strategy overnight. Constant beacon of Italian debt

ROME – Negotiators from the Council and the European Parliament arrived in Brussels late at night an agreement on reforming the EU’s economic governancethe new stability pact, after a long marathon of negotiations. The structure of the reform remains the established one in the agreement reached by the Member States in the Council last December. […]

Sanremo, Ghali’s “Stop the genocide” becomes a case. The Israeli ambassador: “Using the stage to spread hate”

The call “Stop the genocide” from Ghali The Ariston Theater in Sanremo becomes a case. “I think it is shameful that the festival stage was used to spread hatred and provocations in a superficial and irresponsible way,” the Israeli ambassador in Rome continued Alon Bar – In the October 7 massacre, over 360 young people […]