Here it is revealed, there SF-24. The seventieth Ferrari From formula 1, on the eve of Valentine’s Day and on Carnival Day. The celebratory music and then the historical images to commemorate a tradition and a coat of arms. Then the flashes, very short zooms on the two single-seaters Leclerc And Sainz. A minute, a few seconds: just to anticipate and be patient for what is to come. In addition to the classic red, white and yellow lines have been added: The engineers guarantee that each choice has its own specific reason that only goes in one direction: performance.

Formula 1 towards Bahrain

The Formula 1 World Championship comes to life and awaits the first scheduled Grand Prix Bahrainon March 2nd at 4 p.m. (Saturday, decision also for the next game in Saudi Arabia on March 9th on the occasion of Ramadan).

Hard work took place in Maranello: while the new car was developed in the wind tunnel, the basic idea was to find a configuration that could reduce the gap to Red Bull. At first glance, the car is aesthetically very different and this concept extends to the paint too. Following the success of the special bodywork in Las Vegas last November, white was reintroduced and complemented by yellow, which has always been Ferrari’s second color, recalling the connection with Modena, but also a cross-sectional element with Maranello’s two main sporting activities represents companies, Formula 1 and the World Endurance Championship.

In addition, like last year, the SF-24 and the 499P were in service Endurance World Championship They will also be united by the same red – that Racing red 2024 – which, according to recent tradition, will be opaque with the SF-24. As for yellow, it is certainly not the first time that it has appeared on Ferrari Formula 1 cars, although the vertical stripes of this color have been missing from the livery since 1968 and this season they are paired with the white ones in an unprecedented way . Compared to previous seasons, the black has therefore decreased and is now limited to the underside of the car, the front partitions, part of the halo and other details. The rims are also red with a double white and yellow stripe, colors that also identify the starting numbers 16 and 55, which are still present Ferrari Sansthe official font of the Maranello company, now in italics.

Ferrari Director: Fred Vasseur

He is undoubtedly the director of everything, the overseer of every detail of this creature’s creation Fred Vasseur, the team boss: He has 100 percent control, and we will see what and how many improvements there will be on the track through the changes to the underside and the minimum height from the ground, which are crucial for aerodynamics. The French coach had reiterated several times at the end of last season that, despite new options (but already used by the other teams), the new single-seater would be almost completely different from the previous one. The watchword, the priority for 2024 is: aggression. The one that wasn’t seen in 2023.

Ferrari’s next steps

Now the SF-24 is ready to face the future: First, the classic 15-kilometer shakedown granted by the FIA ​​is completed. Then the transfer takes place to the home route of Fiorano for the first two hundred kilometers, which the regulations stipulate for the first day of filming of the year. And then the official tests. Hoping to cross founder Enzo Ferrari’s philosophy: allowing drivers to drive fast cars. A will and a goal that the Ferrari president also expressed, John Elkann.

Leclerc: “I expect a Ferrari that is easier to drive”

“I really like the car, including the white and yellow details on the body. But what interests me most is of course the performance, because on the track it’s everything. The SF-24 – he explains Charles Leclerc – promises to be less sensitive and more rideable, and I would say that for us riders it is exactly what we need to be good at. I expect progress in many ways and from what I was able to understand in the simulator, I think we are where we want to be. This season – said the Monegasque – the goal is to always be at the front: I want to repay our fans with many good races and dedicate victories to them again.”

Sainz: “I want to drive this new Ferrari”

“It’s really special to look at the new car you’re going to drive. The new shapes, the new paintwork. As soon as I saw the SF-24, I wanted to get in and start the engine – a curious person revealed himself. Carlos Sainz – and I can’t wait to drive it on the track to prove that this car is the step forward we all want. Our goal is to have a better drivable and more consistent racing car. These are the basic requirements to be able to fight for victory. We drivers tried to give precise instructions to the technicians and I am sure that the engineers working in Maranello supported our needs. We want to praise our fans who always supported us last season.”