In the Red Sea crisis, Tajani responds to Al-Houti’s threats against Italy

“We will go to the Red Sea to defend national interests, and in the world this will be done with weapons if necessary,” he says Stefania CraxiChairman of the Senate Defense Committee. His words are in response to the above interview republic To Mohamed Ali al-Houti, one of the prominent leaders of the Ansar Allah […]

Sofia Goggia, injury in training: fractured tibia and fibula

The season is almost certainly over Sofia Goggia. The 31-year-old Italian champion injured herself this morning during giant slalom training in Casola di Ponte di Legno when her right leg hit a door that turned to the right. Initial information suggests a likely fracture of the tibia and fibula. “At the moment it is still […]

Carmen Di Marzo, the actress of “Mare Fuori”: “I was depressed as a teenager, I understand children, but you can get out of it.”

“I have often experienced the pain of life,” writes Eugenio Montale in Ossi di Seppia. AND Carmen Di MarzoActress, singer, acting teacher, among others new entry from “Mare Fuori 4” (from February 14th on Rai2, in prime time) tells of his encounter with what Saint Augustine defined as a sloth. “I experienced the pain of […]

Dormant policies, a billion euros forgotten in drawers. How to check whether you are one of the beneficiaries

At the bottom of the drawers of the Italians’ tables and desks lie over 43,000 insurance policies that need to be collected. Together they are worth more than a billion euros. These can be policies that pay out in the event of the policyholder’s death, or savings plans that have reached a natural maturity. Very […]

Mattarella in Trento, Volunteering Capital 2024: “The EU is paying for the lack of solidarity”

“The shortcomings of Europe, the shortcomings to the detriment of its citizens, are mostly based precisely on a lack of solidarity,” said the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella on the occasion of the official inauguration of Trento, the European and Italian capital of volunteering 2024. “The young man was aware of this Antonio Megalizziand […]

Inter-Juve, from Iuliano-Ronaldo to cops and robbers: the Italian derby in ten words

Guide to the Galaxy Italian derby in 10 key words that help us understand what this “I versus you” consists of Inter and Juventus that has been on the stage for over a century: a hundred years (and even more) of attitude (to power). The shoulder The one from Juliano to Ronaldo, clear. The mother […]

The stock markets today, February 1st. It’s not the right time for the Fed to cut interest rates yet. Weak EU price lists

MILAN – Chinese markets are hanging on the words of an official who is opening up to possible support for the economy, but only after four sessions of sharp declines do they manage to reverse course to a certain point: in the end, Shanghai and Shenzhen give in to the selling . Europe starts weakly: […]

Rampelli, Fazzolari’s alter ego. From Salis to Acca Larentia to Remembrance Day: his counterpoint to the government and the Prime Minister

ROME – Lately he has been a mentor to Giorgia Meloniand his loyal followers, starting with his brother-in-law Francesco LollobrigidaHe uses the carrot but also the stick towards his former disciples who sit in the Palazzo Chigi. Fabio Rampellithe leader of the Seagull Movement, Colle Oppio, has made more than one distinction in recent days […]

Lewis Hamilton in the Ferrari from 2025? The indiscretion that shocked the world of Formula 1

Lewis Hamilton is just one step away from a sensational move to Ferrari. That’s what he reports Autosportwhich said the Briton was ready to leave Mercedes to race with the Maranello team in 2025. According to the magazine, negotiations are at an advanced stage and could be concluded by the end of this week. The […]