Does speaking multiple languages ​​reduce the risk of dementia?

It has now been proven that a low level of education is a risk factor for the development of various forms of dementia. The problem is related to the concept of cognitive reserve, which is the ability of the brain to adapt and continue to function at full capacity despite age-related physiological changes. And according […]

Confindustria’s alarm: “New risks in 2024, the crisis in the Red Sea weighs heavily”

MILAN – The year 2024 begins with the motto “new risks” for the economy. This is highlighted by the Confindustria study center in its monthly analysis Congiuntura Flash. Risks – explains the CSC – “due to the sharp decrease in transits in the Suez Canal due to the attacks of the Yemeni Houti group. The […]

The TV confrontation between Meloni and Schlein only took place in April: Rai favorite, Vespa in pole position

They start taking precautions. There is already talk of the minutes available for each of the two challengers, the times for the reply and the possibility of a final message. The television duel between the two heads of state and government, who will most likely run in the European elections, is taking shape. Especially the […]

Dominik Paris third in Kitzbühel: The blue behind the phenomena Sarrazin and Odermatt in the historic downhill

In a season in which two phenomena like Cyprien SarrazinWinner again, and Marco Odermattwhich now hits hard even downhill, Dominic Paris takes a very difficult third place at the Kitzbühel classic. A race that, if necessary, confirms the rediscovered form of the champion, who won three times on the Streif and once again found his […]

How do you age healthily? Answer from Roberto Bernabei

There is no magic pill to achieve a long and healthy life, but we can draw some clues from studies of centenarians in the Blue Zones. From the sea to physical activity (not the kind you do in the gym): Italia Longeva President Roberto Bernabei explains what it’s all about Interview by Aureliano StingiFilming and […]

Today’s stock markets, January 18th. Expectations of a rate cut are fading and the markets are uncertain

Europe is moving forward cautiously and is still looking to Lagarde European stock markets are on a positive note and are trying to lift their heads after ECB President Christine Lagarde, who will speak again from Davos today, also told the World Economic Forum yesterday that a summer interest rate cut was likely, with the […]

From Prodi to Letta: The conclaves are not bringing good results for the center-left, but Schlein’s PD is trying again

Let’s go. Today and tomorrow all the deputies of the Democratic Party in Gubbio will be gathered in the same place, the Park Hotel dei Cappuccini, which has served on several occasions as Forza Italia’s political school. From here Silvio BerlusconiIn 2005, speaking about the following year’s political elections, he said: “We are not behind, […]

Batistuta’s “te amo”, Napoli’s anger in Beijing, the challenge in the desert: triumphs, controversies, champions and meteors of the Supercup

The top 10 of Italian Super Cupbetween champions and meteors, home editions and others around the world, triumphs and controversies. The first time, the Lupetto Mannari commercial Overcrowded calendar, yesterday and today. There Super Cup 1988 It will be played in June of the following year as there are no windows available in the current […]

Today’s Stock Markets, January 16th. Weak Europe, Davos in the spotlight

MILAN – Weak restart for European stock markets, which remains after yesterday’s weak close, driven by cautionary signals from ECB board members regarding possible interest rate cuts by the European Central Bank in 2024. Further signs could arrive today from Davos, where French Central Bank Governor Francois Villeroy de Galhau will speak. In Asia, Tokyo […]