Justice and gag, crackdown on prosecutors’ press conferences. Delmastro: “Reviews initiated at 13 public prosecutor’s offices”

ROME – The crackdown on information continues. Against journalists who publish news about investigations and against judges who are “guilty” of holding public press conferences to democratically inform citizens about what is happening in their offices. Justice, the black year. The right’s attack begins with the recipe by Liana Milella January 6, 2024 The Undersecretary […]

Mourinho sacked: “We needed a change, a new coach soon”

There Rome he exonerated Jose Mourinho. “AS Roma – we read on X – announces that José Mourinho and his technical staff will be leaving the club with immediate effect. Further updates regarding the First Team’s new technical guidelines will be announced shortly.” On its website, the Giallorossi club traces the history of the Portuguese […]

The psychiatrist Andreoli: “The dictatorship of money makes you unhappy and sick”

Money cannot respond to the dynamics of the needs of the body and mind. When it leaves its dimension as an instrument, it creates confusion and egocentrism. It enables survival, but also power. It can lead to true addictive disorders when it becomes the ultimate end from a means and determines the individual’s present and […]

Markets are worried about the Red Sea. Oil is rising, “but there will be no wave of inflation like Covid”

Instability around the Suez Canal is worrying financial markets, just after a week in which U.S. inflation was above expectations, reducing bets on an impending Fed rate cut. Risks from the Red Sea David Rees, Senior Emerging Markets Economist at Schroders, noted in a recent note how the Houthi attacks and the situation in the […]

Galoppi, the legal advisor to former Senate President Casellati, rises to the top of the independent judiciary

It was the shadow of Maria Elisabetta Alberti Casellati, when Berlusconi’s trusted parliamentarian was president of the Senate. And as CSM’s advisor on independent judiciary, he has been their constant partner in all Council decisions over the past four years. The very one in which he dictated the law of appointments Luca Palamara. So much […]

“Differently capable and therefore differently happy”: Federico De Rosa talks about his autism

“If my abilities are different, I can be happy differently,” Federico De Rosa wrote to his parents when, around the age of 14, he discovered writing on the computer as a means of communicating with the outside world and creating It is clear what he thought and felt. Federico, who is now 30 years old, […]

Stock markets today, January 12: Oil rises with attacks on Houthis

Positive Milan, declining luxury The Milan Stock Exchange (+0.5%) continues its upward trend in line with the other European stock exchanges. Safilo flies in Piazza Affari (+7%) after renewing its license with Hugo Boss, while luxury falls with Moncler (-0.9%) and Cucinelli (-0.6%). The spread between BTPs and federal bonds falls to 154 points, with […]

Toga | When Nordio accuses the Robes: “The situation is serious, give politicians suggestions for downright subversive actions.”

After Guido CrosettoNow Carlo Nordio. He too in an institutional seat, the Senate of the Republic. Where the Minister of Justice answers questions, including those from the Forza Italia player Pierantonio Zanettinwho has been putting all his energy into working closely with the member of the Northern League for three days Giulia Bongiornoto bring this […]

Simone Vagnozzi, Sinner trainer: “Jannik wants to be number 1.” 1. I explain how we made him champion with Cahill.”

Melbourne, Australian Open. The first Slam test of 2024 Jannik Sinner. But also the first trap of the season, as he confirmed Paolo Canè To republic: “Dear Jannik, there are those who are waiting for your fall to attack you.” Simone Vagnozzi: What do you say as Jannik’s trainer? “This is the world of sport […]