MILAN – The Federal Reserve’s work on interest rates has borne fruit, but they are not yet fully developed. That is the essence of the president’s words Jerome Powellinterviewed by CBS Sunday evening: “Inflation fell sharply last year and in the last six months. We are making progress. The work is not done and we are committed to ensuring a full return to price stability for the benefit of the people,” he said. Therefore, he gave further impetus to the prospect of acting as early as March: “We – explained Powell – want to be sure that inflation is moving towards the 2 percent target.” “I don’t think so,” he added , “that we will achieve this level of confidence in time for the March meeting, which is scheduled for seven weeks.” In the markets there is that China’s volatile session, which after a black week on the Shenzhen and Shanghai stock exchanges crashes again, then rises again, only to close lower again. He intervenes China Securities Regulatory Commission which undertakes to take effective measures to prevent the risks of securities enforcement. Already on Sunday they agreed to prevent unusual market fluctuations and increase the inflow of funds. In the Eurozone Services PMI indices are mixed: The general value falls to three-month lows, in Italy it returns to positive above 50 points.