Positive Milan, declining luxury

The Milan Stock Exchange (+0.5%) continues its upward trend in line with the other European stock exchanges. Safilo flies in Piazza Affari (+7%) after renewing its license with Hugo Boss, while luxury falls with Moncler (-0.9%) and Cucinelli (-0.6%). The spread between BTPs and federal bonds falls to 154 points, with the yield on the ten-year Italian bond at 3.71%. Leonardo and Prysmian (+2%) and Azimut (+1.7%) shine in the main list. Energy suppliers are coping well with the press rumors about the results of the tenders for the transition of 4.5 million customers from greater protection to the system of gradual protection. Hera (+1.7%), A2a (+1.2%), Enel (+1.1%) highlighted. Energy purchases when oil prices are rising sharply. Saipem (+1.6%), Eni (+0.9%) and Tenaris (+0.1%) increased. Tim is positive (+0.3%) as the process of renewal of the top management and the hypothesis of appointing a joint president with the French partner Vivendi begins. The banks are in the black with Bper (+1.4%), Mps (+1.1%), Intesa (+0.5%) and Unicredit (+0.3%), while Banco Bpm remains unchanged (-0 .02%).