“If my abilities are different, I can be happy differently,” Federico De Rosa wrote to his parents when, around the age of 14, he discovered writing on the computer as a means of communicating with the outside world and creating It is clear what he thought and felt. Federico, who is now 30 years old, is a high-functioning autistic person; he expresses himself little verbally, but expresses himself in writing. “It became the foundation for a sensational love experience. He taught us that each of us has our own path to happiness,” say the parents. Where to start? We ask him. “We have to reduce our expectations of life and give up our demands. We are born happy, but happiness is very fragile. We shouldn’t expect happiness from anything. Our biology is happy. Breathing, sleeping, eating are my joy. Anything else.” “Besides, it makes me grateful for life and gratitude precedes joy,” he replied

by Cinzia Lucchelli
Film adaptation by Sonny Anzellotti
Editing by Valeria D’Angelo (Accenture)