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Rdc, the Ministry: 159,000 families turn to employment offices. The regions: not informed about the functionality of the platform

Listen to the audio version of the article The 159,000 households with members of working age between 18 and 59 who have been informed of the suspension of the basic income can submit an application to the employment offices. Another 88,000 families”fragile”However, measures have already been introduced for the evaluation of social services. This is […]

Olympic Games Milan-Cortina, Meloni: “A great opportunity, impact of 4.5 billion on GDP”

“The Olympic Games is an event that involves all the players on the field, athletes, coaches, organizers, volunteers, institutions, territories, entrepreneurs, an event that affects all of Italy.” The Olympic Games are part of our memory and have shaped our identity. We are a nation that will host the Olympic Games for the fourth time […]

Mental health and prison, what the case of Luca Delfino teaches us

The history of Luca Delfino sentenced to almost 17 years in prison for the murder of his ex-girlfriend Antonella MultariAnd for a few days entered the Residence for Security Measures (REMS) of Genova Prà, arouses the interest of the mass media. This is even more true after the interview with his lawyer, who stated that […]

Antimicrobial resistance, WHO: Vaccines could save half a million lives a year

Vaccines save lives, not only by directly preventing life-threatening diseases, but also by curbing the potentially deadly phenomenon of antibiotic resistance. at what time? Thanks to vaccines, at least half a million deaths could be saved every year. There is one thing to appreciate learn Management by the WHO, the International Vaccine Institute, Korea and […]

In diabetes, the provision of some sort of insulin pen is at risk. AIFA Notice

The medicine Tresiba Flextouch 100 U/ml 5 pre-filled pens (aIC 042658029) is in short supply (interrupted supplies) due to a reduced production capacity of the owner. The makes known the Italian Medicines Agency (Aifa). Tresiba, informed the European Medicines Agency (Ema) is a drug that contains the following Active substance insulin degludec and is used […]