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Autonomy in the Chamber on Tuesday 16th fails the latest attempt by the opposition to stop the Calderoli reform

ROME – The opposition’s latest attempt to stop differentiated autonomy failed. As expected, given the majority numbers. The proposal to first examine the popular initiative law in the Senate Chamber, which newly regulates the so-called competing issues between the state and the regions – i.e. Articles 116 and 117 of the Constitution – was stopped. […]

National team: Time is short, help from the clubs is needed

The indescribable class of Bellingham and the magnificent craftsmanship of Kanewhich embodies the saying about the mistakes for which one must always pay at these levels, marks a distance between England And Italy This is the starting point of the work that awaits us Luciano Spalletti. The value of the opponents is one of the […]

The UPA sees success in advertising: growth of over 2.5% this year, then a stable year in 2024

MILAN – Despite wars, interest rates and inflation, the UPA or the Association of Advertising Users, he sees pink for 2023 and also for 2024. Caution is advised because the economic situation remains very volatile, but there is still a positive mood at the conference on Advanced TV and the new audience measurement. “Since 2001, […]

Salvini and the nepotism allegations in the Verdini case: “Nobody was ever reported, the good ones work”

“In my career, first as Interior Minister and now as Infrastructure Minister, I have never allowed myself to report to anyone: The good ones work.” Word from Matteo Salvini who chooses the ceremony at the start of the renovation work on the Monza race track in order to effectively break the silence and distance from […]

Benzema attacked by Darmanin: “He has connections to the Muslim Brotherhood”

Harsh accusation from the French Interior Minister Gerald Darmaninto the former Real Madrid striker and reigning Ballon d’Or winner Karim Benzema. “Mister Karim Benzema has known links to me Muslim Brotherhood“, said the minister CNewsand was referring to the transnational Islamic organization considered terrorist in France. Words that follow the statements of the French player, […]

Superbonus, the applicable rules and what may change in 2024

MILAN – The strain on public finances caused by the superbonus tax credits poses a risk that the government will initiate a new turn on the maximum construction subsidy by lowering the tax rebate from 110% to 90% and 70% from next year, and the sales credit and invoice rebate adjusts . But what is […]

European elections, downside of FdI at 3%. Frost on Forza Italia Renzi dialogue

The curtain falls on the proposal to lower the threshold for European elections to 3%. Too much friction in the governing coalition, the wall erected by the Lega is very high, fearing that new right-wing formations could emerge, capable of intercepting Italy’s disappointed brothers and undermining this consensus, and vice versa Matthew Salvini hopes to […]

Napoli on renewal of Kvaratskhelia: “No negotiations underway”

A difficult statement to explain the matter Kvarachelia. Napoli have settled the issue of renewing the Georgian talent, whose contract expires in 2027. Talk of ongoing negotiations for an agreement has been around for some time, but the blue club tweeted: “Some media outlets continue to report that negotiations are said to be ongoing for […]

ADHD increases the risk of depression and other mental disorders

A risk factor is a condition or behavior that increases the likelihood of developing a disease or other condition or behavior that is harmful to your health. It now turns out that attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder is a risk factor for depression, anorexia, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and even suicidal behavior. To support this thesis, two […]