The indescribable class of Bellingham and the magnificent craftsmanship of Kanewhich embodies the saying about the mistakes for which one must always pay at these levels, marks a distance between England And Italy This is the starting point of the work that awaits us Luciano Spalletti. The value of the opponents is one of the four best in the world: we are talking about a concentration of the Premier League, led by the aforementioned leaders Real Madrid and Bayern Munich. Too much, not just for us. However, the illusions that a good first half had created were quickly extinguished in the second half when, in the open field, the central defenders’ mediocre evening was no longer masked by their collective effort, and it was the middle of the night.

England-Italy 3-1: Scamacca is not enough, the English take revenge at Wembley Stadium

by our correspondent Enrico Currò

Now finally Macedonia defeated

It is time to remember that the mission of this emergency autumn – the forced change of coaches will be absorbed in months, not weeks – remains direct qualification for the European Championship, and therefore we should think about closing North Macedonia once and for all defeat and not lose neutral ground against Ukraine. England is out of reach at the moment and there is no point in being sad about the number of national teams who are gradually booking tickets for Germany and we can’t wait to be there. Without this sounding like an excuse, it is worth noting the absurdity of a draw that places the two 2021 finalists in the same group.

Testimonies England-Italy: Udogie plays English, Scalvini suffers shipwreck. Bellingham and Rashford uncatchable

by our correspondent Matteo Pinci

Italy compacted in the first half

There was talk of a good first half for the Azzurri at Wembley Stadium. They began on such stages against such opponents in order to accelerate the growth of individualities and, at the best of moments, fuse them into a fighting whole. In the first half, Italy were sufficiently compact both in the defensive phase, and that can be an “easy” task at Wembley Stadium because everyone feels a duty to help in the non-possession phase and on the counterattack, when there are many men accompanying them offensive action, and this is less obvious because to go beyond homework, individuals must be courageous and endowed with personality.

Insist on young people, club coaches help Spalletti

Here’s the personality. This was the night of judgment Scamacca, who didn’t have to wait for the finish after scoring, and that is fundamental for a center forward. To understand Berardi’s level of leadership, we stay halfway because the Sassuolo winger handles the ball well but doesn’t demand enough of it for the quality he can express. One can read the next few months (months?) without Tonali, the absence of which is serious because it means losing the technique during the restart phase, and the game ended when the errors increased in this phase. We must stand up for the young people who paid dearly for Wembley (Scalvini) and to those who passed the exam (Udogie). Club coaches must support Spalletti’s work more than ever as time is running out and Italy still needs to be secured.