Harsh accusation from the French Interior Minister Gerald Darmaninto the former Real Madrid striker and reigning Ballon d’Or winner Karim Benzema. “Mister Karim Benzema has known links to me Muslim Brotherhood“, said the minister CNewsand was referring to the transnational Islamic organization considered terrorist in France. Words that follow the statements of the French player, a devout Muslim who is currently playing in the Saudi championship‘For the Ittihad to support the residents of Gaza

In recent days, Benzema has also been targeted by the former Israeli national team goalkeeper for his message. David Dudu Aouatewho attacked him with inelegant words: “‘Son of ab***h'”, written in Hebrew, French, English, Arabic and Spanish, accompanied by text with the Israeli and US flags.

The former Israeli goalkeeper to Benzema: “You are a son of a putt …”. The nice player Atal was investigated for tolerating terrorism