NAPLESLet’s forget the past? No, after the championship for Aurelio De Laurentiis It’s a wound that’s still open and eight months later it’s time to say goodbye Luciano Spalletti is still there Naples a very sensitive topic. “I have already taken all the blame for the difficulties of this season, but I would like to point out that I have made good the contract for our former coach, identical to that of Rafa Benitez. However, in the world of football this is the case. The legal option is not understood. Many people think of it as bilateral, but it is one-sided. This option is of value and provides for another additional year of cooperation with the bank. I had the right to exercise it within a predetermined time by giving written notice saying “I have done so.” There is no legal situation there,” the president wanted to publicly confirm. He said he was shocked by the farewell of the current one Coach of the national team. “I don’t know if he had an agreement with him Fig And Gravina, at that time. These are just guesses and I have to rely on what he told me when he announced he wanted to quit. I blame myself, I had to keep the point, I dropped it out of gratitude after the championship. The contractual penalty? These are matters that only concern lawyers and that I don’t want to talk about.”

De Laurentiis: “Rudi Garcia was the right choice, but I should have fired him first”

De Laurentiis then defended his decision to bet on it Rudy Garcia (“Absolutely not, he had a very respectable CV”) but admitted he had waited too long to sack the French coach. “There were some alarm bells but I thought I should give him a little more time to rehabilitate. Now there is a family friend like him.” Walter Mazzarri, which helps us get back on our feet. Napoli is a strong club, economically sound and well organized, with good managers even after the departure of Cristiano Giuntoli. The new director Michele Meluso He’s a very good guy and we have him on the market Maurizio Micheli“who always chose all the players for us,” said the president and, after a very long preface, looked to the future. “Our goal is to always remain great, at the highest level.” But unfortunately we are fighting in the wrong context and a lot of changes need to be made: we are the only team in Italy with a positive record, against teams that have a billion Have debts and shouldn’t even register for the championship. We do our best, even if we have half the turnover of Juventus, Inter and Milan, and that’s why we have to be perfect: we can’t allow ourselves to make mistakes…”

De Laurentiis on the new stadium: “Agreement in 120 days or I go to Afragola”

However, De Laurentiis doesn’t pass, but doubles. “In a year and a half we must have our own sports center and I am ready to invest in the stadium: either we reach an agreement with the mayor in the next 120 days or I will do it somewhere else, maybe in Afragola.” is not the one usual provocation. I imagine what needs to be done by 2030 to have a society that can compete economically with the strongest in the world. That is my goal.”