EU, agreement on economic strategy overnight. Constant beacon of Italian debt

ROME – Negotiators from the Council and the European Parliament arrived in Brussels late at night an agreement on reforming the EU’s economic governancethe new stability pact, after a long marathon of negotiations. The structure of the reform remains the established one in the agreement reached by the Member States in the Council last December. […]

The stock markets today, February 9th. Markets moved little. Saras, the Morattis confirm conversations with Vitol

EU stock markets are moving cautiously The European stock markets are cautious as the quarterly reporting season progresses. Markets are acting cautiously ahead of a range of macroeconomic data expected next week, particularly price developments in the United States. Elements that will be useful for central banks in making decisions about cutting interest rates. On […]

The stock markets today, February 7th. Negative Europe is weighing on Germany’s industrial production. Schnabel (ECB): “Be careful with interest rates”

Wall Street expects negative Europe European stock markets remain in negative territory ahead of Wall Street, where futures fall. Markets are concerned about central banks’ reluctance to cut interest rates and China’s economic growth. Government bonds showed little movement, the spread between BTPs and federal bonds was 156 points and the yield on the ten-year […]

Today’s stock markets, February 5th. Powell (Fed) backs away from March rate cut. Reluctant EU price lists, Milan increases with Unicredit. Crazy session for China

MILAN – The Federal Reserve’s work on interest rates has borne fruit, but they are not yet fully developed. That is the essence of the president’s words Jerome Powellinterviewed by CBS Sunday evening: “Inflation fell sharply last year and in the last six months. We are making progress. The work is not done and we […]

Dormant policies, a billion euros forgotten in drawers. How to check whether you are one of the beneficiaries

At the bottom of the drawers of the Italians’ tables and desks lie over 43,000 insurance policies that need to be collected. Together they are worth more than a billion euros. These can be policies that pay out in the event of the policyholder’s death, or savings plans that have reached a natural maturity. Very […]

The stock markets today, February 1st. It’s not the right time for the Fed to cut interest rates yet. Weak EU price lists

MILAN – Chinese markets are hanging on the words of an official who is opening up to possible support for the economy, but only after four sessions of sharp declines do they manage to reverse course to a certain point: in the end, Shanghai and Shenzhen give in to the selling . Europe starts weakly: […]

Today’s stock markets, January 30th. Positive Europe according to GDP data. The Evergrande effect continues in Asia

Positive EU price lists according to macro data European stock markets positive after GDP growth data from some of the major economies. Useful elements for the ECB’s next assessments on the interest rate cuts front. Meanwhile, Treasury yields are little changed and investors await the Fed’s next move. The impact of geopolitical tensions, particularly in […]

Georgieva (IMF): “The ESM is practical for everyone. “It’s time for Italy to reduce its debts”

WASHINGTON – Italy should ratify the ESM because it is convenient and cut its debt because it is necessary. In 2024, Ukraine will need $42 billion in aid, which it is entitled to. Artificial intelligence must be regulated immediately and with global standards. These are some suggestions that International Monetary Fund Director Kristalina Georgieva makes […]

Today’s stock markets, January 26th. Intel disappoints the market and slows down the technology sector in Asia. Uncertain EU price lists

MILAN – European stock markets had a slow start to the final session of the week. The signals that arrived yesterday are still influencing the markets as the US GDP grows faster than expected and the ECB keeps its doors closed on the issue of interest rate hikes, urging observers to expect a first cut […]