Not an exception (at least for now), but the decision to take a point immediately and leave at the end of the season. The Bayern Monaco communicates that the roads with the technician Thomas Tuchel They will separate in June, a year before the contract’s natural expiration. The Bayern club announced this in a statement. “FC Bayern Munich and coach Thomas Tuchel have jointly decided to end the collaboration, which was originally scheduled to expire on June 30, 2025, on June 30, 2024. This is the result of a friendly conversation between CEO Jan-Christian Dreesen and Thomas Tuchel,” the note reads.

Bayern -8 from Bayer

“In an open and detailed discussion, we came to the decision to mutually end our collaboration next summer,” explains Dreesen. “Our goal is to take a new footballing direction with a new coach for the 2024/25 season. Until then.” “Every club member is expressly called upon to achieve the highest possible in the Champions League and Bundesliga.” Bayern are second in the league, 8 points behind Bayer Leverkusen and in the Champions League they lost the first leg of the round of 16 against Lazio with 0:1. “We have agreed that we will end our cooperation at the end of this season,” said Tuchel in the official statement. “Until then, I will of course continue to do everything I can with my coaching staff to achieve the greatest possible success.”

Bavaria in total crisis: They are also losing in Bochum, and Tuchel is increasingly at risk

by Jacopo Manfredi

Conte and Mou in the race

Tuchel succeeded Julian Nagelsmann in March 2023. Just two months later, he celebrated winning the Bundesliga, Bayern’s eleventh title in a row. Now the race for successor begins: Antonio Conte and José Mourinho are also in the running.