Luca Zaia The ranking of the most social Italian politicians is increasing and in the month of July it is growing faster than the big names in government in terms of interactions and video messages compiled by Sensemakers for “Primaonline”. However, the ranking of the top 15 does not see any changes, with Salvini, Meloni, Conte and Zaia in the first four places.

According to Primaonline, however, Luca Zaia is the only one to record an improvement in both metrics, with the top three maintaining their positions despite a transverse decrease in both interactions and video views: +36% in interactions and four times more volume views.

Analysts point out that a video of the Venetian governor posted on Facebook in which he can be seen is particularly drawing attention Roberto Bolle Dancing in the rain at the Arena di Verona, which alone has more than a million spectators. There were also many views of the video story that Zaia created on social media during the days of severe storms in the Veneto region with hail and damage.