The medicine Tresiba Flextouch 100 U/ml 5 pre-filled pens (aIC 042658029) is in short supply (interrupted supplies) due to a reduced production capacity of the owner. The makes known the Italian Medicines Agency (Aifa).

Tresiba, informed the European Medicines Agency (Ema) is a drug that contains the following Active substance insulin degludec and is used to treat type 1 diabetes and from type 2 in adults and children aged one year to 18 years.

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The shortage could last until the end of 2023

Currently, according to AIFA, a period of interrupted deliveries from July 11 to August 20, 2023 has been confirmed. However, it is estimated that the supply of Tresiba Flextouch 100 U/ml 5 pre-filled pens (aIC 042658029) may not be guaranteed at times throughout 2023.

The Italian Medicines Agency emphasizes that the supply shortage is not related to a quality defect of the drug or safety issues and has already been notified to the regulator, in accordance with current legislation.

A pack of Tresiba Flextouch

A pack of Tresiba Flextouch

What Doctors Should Do

Healthcare professionals are advised to ensure that patients using Tresiba Flextouch 100 U/ml 5 pre-filled pens (aIC 042658029) are informed of the above and that each patient is prescribed the number of packs strictly necessary during this waiting period to continue therapy, to avoid hoarding phenomena and thus ensure access to therapy for all patients.

Availability Updates

For up-to-date information on the status of the deficiency, see the list of deficiency medications, which is updated regularly and published at the following link: