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The waiter can’t believe his eyes: David and Victoria Beckham are at the fast food restaurant in Dallas

“Oh god, you’re David Beckham,” is the shocked comment of a waiter at Dallas’ Blu’s Barbeque, who had the pleasure of serving the former soccer player brisket and ribs. Beckham was in the Texas city on August 7 as Inter Miami CF president for the Leagues Cup round of 16. And when the waiter opened […]

Extreme heat and stress because emotional health deteriorates in summer

crazy summer It is not just a way of expressing the desire to break away from the rules of everyday life. In fact, this is a particularly thankless time of year for people with mental health issues. Suicide rates, substance abuse and impulse control difficulties are increasing. These are not always genuine mental disorders, as […]

Generali increases profit in the first half of the year

MILAN – Generali’s normalized net profit increases significantly to 2.33 billion euros (+60.9%) in the first half of the year, compared to 1.448 billion in the same half of 2022. This was reported in a company press release after the board meeting chaired by Andrea Sironi , approved the consolidated half-year financial report 2023 of […]

Liguria, right, there is a dispute about the tax on extra profits. Toti against FDI and Lega: “A Marxist maneuver”

“Can I . . . tell about it? The extra-profit maneuver is Marxist stuff.” This isn’t the first time John Toti He finds himself targeting the ruling majority parties, particularly the Brothers of Italy and the League, but this round the distant confrontation between the parties appears to be more than a skirmish. On the […]

Juventus, Allegri beats Vlahovic in skill contest then pokes fun at him: ‘It’s not for you’

In Los Angeles, where Juventus is on an American tour, the training ends with a four-man “corner challenge”: on the one hand Gatti and coach Allegri (barefoot), on the other hand Vlahovic and Kostic. You have to get the ball into the goal by kicking it a few meters behind the defensive line. Allegri succeeds […]

To live longer than steps per day, even fewer than 5,000 are enough

The more steps you take, the lower the risk of dying prematurely. And that goes for those who take fewer than the famous 10,000 steps a day recommended by the World Health Organization. This was the result of the world’s largest study on the subject, led by Maciej BanachProfessor of Cardiology at the Medical University […]

Petrol, the new cartels are a flop for managers: “Prices are rising”

ROME – A week after the obligation to display the average price tag came into effect, fuel costs have increased. The balance is drawn up by Fegica, one of the main operator associations, which calculates how since the beginning of the month the price of diesel has increased by 0.041 euros per liter on the […]

Minimum wage, Meloni opens up for dialogue: Friday is a possible date for a meeting with the opposition

ROME – The meeting at Palazzo Chigi on the minimum wage is expected to take place on Friday. The oppositions have cast the die: they will – and it would be the first time – come together without defectors to debate with the prime minister if invited. Charles Calendaannounced the action leader, who launched the […]

Berrettini-Sinner, Toronto Blue Derby second round. Also Musetti in front

Matthew Berretini passed the first roundCanadian OpenThe Toronto Masters 1000beat the French Gregory Barrere for 6-4 6-3 in an hour and 14 minutes of play. In the next round on Wednesday, the Roman tennis player will challenge Jannik sinner. Only one Italian player has reached the quarterfinals of the Canadian Open since 1990. This was […]