White Sox Designated Hitter / Receiver Yermin Mercedes announced on Instagram tonight he is going away from baseball “indefinitely”. The 28-year-old thanked his family, Agent Daniel Szew, and former teammates before concluding his post with the words: “It’s over”.

It’s an amazing development for a player whose breakout performance was one of the biggest storylines of the start of the 2021 season. Mercedes started the season as the White Sox designated hitter and rose to 8 for. 8 to start the year. Mercedes hit 0.368 / 0.417 / 0.571 in the first 38 games of the season, but followed it up with a 0.150 / 0.220 / 0.196 score in his next 118 appearances at plate.

The White Sox opted for Mercedes at Triple-A Charlotte back on July 2, and he’s been tearing up minor league pitchers ever since. In 14 games and 61 home plate appearances, he is beating .309 / .377 / .655 with four homers, five doubles and one triple.

Despite Mercedes’ message tonight, the White Sox say they have received no formal indication from the player himself. The team released the following statement:

“The White Sox are aware of tonight’s Instagram post by Yermín Mercedes, who is currently on the active roster of our Class AAA team in Charlotte. At this point, the White Sox have not received any official notification from Yermín regarding his future plans. “