Russell Wilson will be the Seattle Seahawks quarterback in 2021 after an offseason of trade rumors. But while the drama between the two sides is settled for now, many in the league believe another storm is on the way.

The issues between Wilson and the Seahawks’ organization became public at the start of the offseason. Seattle franchise quarterback called the reception and that was not taken well. Suddenly after the Seahawks requests initially rejected, Wilson was available and almost exchanged.

In the end, the issues between the two sides were settled. Seattle is more committed to winning now, strengthening its offensive line and creating a better environment for the face of the franchise. Wilson is now happy with the current situation, even denying that he wanted a job.

While it may be the case now, many in the league believe the situation in Seattle is a time bomb.

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NFL insider Jeremy Fowler appeared on “Get Up” Friday and shed light on the situation in Seattle, hinting that the tensions that died down this spring could explode in a year.

“There’s a feeling around the league that if Seattle isn’t at least on the cusp of a Super Bowl this year, it could still get pretty ugly,” Fowler said, compared to bleacher. “Because there are two issues that happened a few months ago. Russell Wilson was downright frustrated because he felt his name had been mentioned in business rumors a few years ago.”

NFL rumors surfaced last year that Seattle listened to offers on Wilson, even make it available for the No.1 pick in the 2018 NFL Draft. It came after Wilson made six Pro Bowls and won a Super Bowl.

While the circumstances are a little different, there are some similarities with Aaron Rodgers. Just as Wilson saw the business rumors in 2018 as the team tried to leave him, Rodgers probably feels the same way about how the Green Bay Packers handled his predicament.

But that’s not the only problem in Seattle. In addition to Wilson’s issues with head coach Pete Carroll, the 32-year-old quarterback is frustrated with the organization not doing enough to reach the Super Bowl and a lack of interest in hearing his ideas to improve the team.

“This offseason, he had ideas to try to bring the Seahawks back into the Super Bowl,” added Fowler. “He wanted to introduce them to the team, he would call them up and say, ‘Hey, what are we doing here, there?’ He felt like it was meeting resistance. That they didn’t hear him. So there was direct consternation.

Carroll and Wilson are communicating more this spring, a step in the right direction. Seattle also acquired goaltender Gabe Jackson to improve the offensive line and offensive coordinator Shane Waldron was hired with Wilson’s seal of approval.

But it is obvious that things could come undone quickly. If the Seahawks don’t make it through the playoffs this season, the two teams may want to go their separate ways. At this point, business rumors resurface and Russell Wilson will be the most coveted player of the 2022 NFL offseason.