In addition to the books, clothes, TV and shows you watch, you can now have your food delivered to you by Amazon. Amazon Fresh offers same-day delivery that is often free, a grocery delivery/delivery service available in major cities across the country and in several cities in Europe. Although some conditions apply and coast-to-coast service is not available, Fresh is available in approximately 20 cities. Let’s explore the Amazon Fresh service and how to use it.

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Amazon Fresh is a service that delivers groceries and other household items, often within the same day, in major cities. In most cases, you must be a Prime member or use the account (with permission) of a Prime member to use this service.

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What is the new Amazon?

Amazon Fresh is a grocery delivery service provided by Amazon. You can buy most major brands of staples, fresh fruits and vegetables, meats—everything that a traditional brick-and-mortar grocery store offers. Groceries are often delivered the same day, and delivery is free on a certain order size. Amazon is also starting to open physical Amazon Fresh stores in major cities, as well as delivery from Whole Foods if available in your area.

New Amazon home page

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how it works?

Just go to Fresh Amazon And as you would normally order from Amazon. Your existing Amazon login and password will work, or you can set up a new account if you don’t have one. Keep in mind that, unless you pay with a SNAP EBT or P-EBT card, you must be a Prime member to use Amazon Fresh. Another Prime member can let you share their membership to use Fresh.

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Then shop only for what you need. Most major brands are available, and Amazon also has a “store brand” for many major brands. The site is organized very similar to Amazon’s main site. If you don’t see what you want, the search box is right at the top of the page. When you finish shopping and go to your cart, Amazon will tell you if you qualify for free shipping. Shipping is free as long as your order is large enough ($35 or $50, depending on region) and you choose the standard two-hour delivery window. If you want a more precise one-hour window, the delivery fee will be added to your total order.

Amazon Fresh Delivery window selection page

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Continue here to add payment information and place an order. (You’ll see an option to tip your delivery person; according to Amazon, the entire tip goes to the recipient.) Once the tip arrives, you can sign for your delivery or, if appropriate, have it delivered to you. (Evacuation must be safe and accessible; evacuating with building staff is okay.) As the Covid pandemic continues, contactless evacuation may be the only option available. Pickup is also available in some locations, but again, check the site for availability in your city. In locations that have a Whole Foods, Amazon also offers delivery from there, but keep in mind that a service fee is added to Whole Foods delivery through Amazon.

Amazon Fresh Tip Option

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Where is Amazon Fresh available?

It’s important to remember that Amazon Fresh is not available everywhere. Fresh is available in 19 major US cities and several cities in Europe. Not available in Canada. You can visit That will tell you if your location qualifies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Amazon accepts SNAP EBT and P-EBT in every state except Alaska and Hawaii. If you register your EBT card with Amazon Fresh, you can use the service without being a Prime member.

Amazon is generally fully stocked in 30 days. If the regular item is out of stock, please check back in 2-3 days, or request a notification when it is back in stock.

No, you do not have to tip. It is optional. If you leave a tip, you can change the amount within 24 hours of placing the order. Your delivery person doesn’t know which customers are tipping or how much.