Google Pixel 6 Pro camera housing

Robert Triggs / Android Authority

My colleague Robert Triggs recently wrote about how he reluctantly ditched his Pixel 6 Pro after nine months of using it as his daily driver. He had many reasons for this, including connectivity issues, overheating, and other issues. So we asked our readers if they’re still holding on to their Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro. Here’s how they voted in our poll and what they had to say about their Pixel 6 experience.

Have you ditched your Pixel 6 or 6 Pro?


We received over 30,000 votes in our poll on the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. It seems that the majority of readers who bought the Pixel 6 Pro and voted in our poll (33%) are still holding on to their devices. Also, more Pixel 6 users (23 percent) are still using their phones than those who ditched them (6 percent).

Meanwhile, 12 percent of respondents said they would be willing to part with their Pixel 6 and 6 Pro units. 23% of survey participants have never owned a Pixel 6 phone.

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Bruce: There is no problem with P6Pro. Just love the phone. In fact, on a recent trip to DC from Atlanta, there were two instances where my son’s iPhone 13 couldn’t get a signal. And I was getting it on T-Mobile. The same thing happened a few weeks ago in the mountains of GA. Maybe the Pixel just has better antennas for T-Mobile. In places where I lost signal, both phones did. But Pixel recovered the signal faster.

Mike Shackleton: Yes, I always wait a while before I buy, I got mine in Australia for $200 off, so basically it cost P6. The end of June this year has been flawless, 500 Mbps on 5G, it doesn’t get hot. Battery life is great, it’s a smartphone, sometimes I think people expect every night to have a happy ending.

Nima Nikoyi: Overheating is the most serious issue. I’m in las vegas and my pixel 6 pro shuts down 2 or 3 times a day due to overheating. What does it give? It’s like a family shame that I keep it a secret from all my iPhone user friends.

John Sullivan: All 6s have the same problem and it is a hardware problem. The Tensor chip isn’t great and the modem is absolutely terrible. Network battery standby is the biggest battery user on these phones aside from the display. Charging and overheating are terrible, all thanks to Google’s terrible choice for modems. The Pixel 7 better be miles better than the 6 or Google is toast.

Deltax: My Pixel 6 is going strong, no reason to ditch it anytime soon. Signal was great apart from that December 2021 bug update. It’s still one of the best phones I’ve used over the years.

Luc Lafrenière: Unfortunately, I’ve also had most of these issues on my P6P since launch.

Freeze Google Maps: Check
Scratched glass: Check
Poor reception If the signal is weak in the area: check. The cottage is very poorly received. Everyone else gets something, mine keeps cutting out.
Overheating: Check. Always… The other day, Google Photos stopped uploading because apparently it was too hot. I received a note with this theme from Google Photos. Never had it before.
Flaky Wireless Charging: Check. Wow, every sheet. Charging, stops… charging again, for no apparent reason. I’m guessing it’s heat related… but I’ve never had these issues with my Nexus 6P.
Connection in general: After being on a remote connection for a while and toggling airplane mode on/off a lot, I ran into some kind of bug. When I got back to civilization, it wouldn’t connect to mobile data (not wifi). I tried everything to get it to connect. In the end I had to reset my network settings and reconnect. I’ve been a pixel fan for a long time… this is really boring.

On 2 wheels: There are no more excuses and defenses for Google. You hit the nail on the head and suspect that the monthly patch breaks more features than it fixes. As a Pixel 4a owner since release, I can 100% support the monthly patch theory. As a tech site, you can’t in good faith recommend these high-end phones when core functions are compromised, and the Pixel 5 was no different.

David: My Pixel 5 has been pretty much flawless since I got it. It overheated when I was shooting 4K video in 90 degree weather in direct sunlight, but that’s about it.

Bearded nomads: Pixels (outside of iPhone X Pixel Edition 4/4XL) were great until v6. The worst thing they did was dump Qualcomm for “Tensor” (Exynos in disguise). This processor has been a complete disaster, Samsung doesn’t even use their flagship processors anymore, they have admitted they are no good.

Benjamin West: This is the worst phone I have ever had. I can’t believe how much money I spent on this garbage. Some days I text someone and my keyboard disappears and I have to call them and apologize that I can’t text anymore. I had to call 911 last week for an elderly lady who fell and my phone couldn’t connect to service despite having full bars. I had to borrow someone else’s phone! To call 911!

Brian Hines: I’ve never been around long enough to experience overheating issues. I returned it in less than a month. Regardless of all the fanboys defending it, it’s undoubtedly the worst fingerprint sensor on a phone in this price range. On top of that, LTE performance on Verizon’s network here in Phoenix was pathetic. Where my old Pixel 4XL never had a problem with the Pixel 6 dropping streaming and going back to 4G while driving around. When this was done, the 4G performance was worse than my Pixel 4XL. The camera didn’t seem like a huge leap either. I’m going to stick with my Pixel 4XL for a while to see if they replace the trashy Intel LTE antenna and put in a fingerprint reader, which isn’t awful for the Pixel 7. If not, it might be time for an iPhone for the first time since the iPhone 5. I really wish Google would take the Pixel line seriously. Also this stupid pop-up video ad that plays the whole time I try to comment is annoying.

Biscuit_tin: I’ll pay off my 6 Pro on Verizon until 2023, or I’d have ditched mine a long time ago. I was going to wait and get the S22 Ultra, but the positive things I heard about the Pixel, plus the price, made it very tempting. When I finally get a new phone, I’ll switch it back to Samsung or possibly Apple. I was tired of AF with my phone the year I had the iPhone 12 Pro, but I missed its reliability. No problem and never worried about anything. The restrictions were ab**** though. The Pixels have some neat tricks, but they’re not worth the trade-off.

Will: I wish we could go back to the Nexus days, when Google phones/tablets were truly amazing, with outstanding software. I never thought I’d see a day when I’d love Samsung’s software more than any skin, I used to hate it, but they’ve really tweaked things and actually made features that I now can’t live without on the S22 Ultra. This is just my opinion, although it’s fair to like the Pixels, I just wish they were better.

Jabriano: This article is so accurate it’s scary. I just returned to the US from a three-week vacation in Italy and suffered through some of the same experiences. Connectivity was an annoying problem, including Wi-Fi. My wife’s iPhone consistently outperformed my Pixel 6 Pro by a wide margin. Although we used her phone for all navigation tasks, it was my device that overcame the limits of our international data plan—the Pixel was unable to connect to the weaker Wi-Fi signals at our Airbnb and dropped out of 4G. The iPhone had no problems, the real disappointment was the overheating! I ran Strava on a bike ride in Tuscany. The ambient temperature was ~85°F. The screen was off and the device was shadowed in a backpack, but after three hours the shutdown process started – the phone felt like it was melting! I was really disappointed.

Fshack: I returned my Pro 6 an hour after purchase. The cheap hollow screen, the world’s worst fingerprint scanner, and the overheating and somewhat sluggish behavior were unacceptable. Enjoy your s22 plus. Strong phone in every way.