A Democratic congresswoman knocked down some of her Republican colleagues and left-leaning protesters were arrested at the annual Congressional Charity Baseball Game on Thursday.

Protesters, faced with the so-called climate emergency keeping them awake at night, blocked one of the entrances to Nationals Park in Washington, DC, where the match played between lawmakers was staged.

The Metropolitan Police Department has arrested at least three people for illegal entry, according to BNC News.

Members of the group were seen holding signs reading: ‘This is a climate emergency’ and ‘Democrats: Seal the climate deal!’

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Congressional baseball game leads to fireworks

There were fireworks during the Congressional baseball game as well.

Rep. Linda Sanchez (D-CA) knocked down her fellow Republicans on the opposing bench as she trotted to the dugout in the sixth inning.

After drawing a walk, Sanchez was replaced with a pinch runner. As she ran off the field, she looked at the Republican dugout and expressed her feelings.

It is not known if someone from the Republican dugout had said something to him that elicited the response. The Congressional Baseball Game is a charity event to raise money for the Boys and Girls Club of DC.

Without having heard the details of the incident, I may take an unpopular position. Sanchez is lambasted on all social media for her actions. The term “chic” was even trending on Twitter at one point.

But I can imagine a scenario in which, up five points at the time, someone in the Republican dugout maybe joked about the head or something and Sanchez responded with a salute in saying, “We’re number one.”

This is just speculation, but if so, it’s actually quite a fun in-game trade.

The Republicans ended up winning the game, 10-0, a metaphor for the ongoing midterm elections if ever there was one.

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Filming 2017

The Congressional baseball game was seen as a rare source of unity in a bitterly partisan city, raising money for charities over the years and even being cited as a source of hope after the shooting during a workout for Republicans in 2017.

The shooter, James Hodgkinson, was an avowed leftist who carried a list of victims of Republican lawmakers in his pocket as he fired in the field.

Senator Rand Paul later revealed that Hodgkinson was motivated by GOP efforts to repeal and replace Obamacare, shouting, “It’s for health care!”

Four people were shot that day, including House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA) and US Capitol Police Officer Crystal Griner.

Scalise was left in a critical condition and received multiple blood transfusions and underwent several surgeries before being listed as “fair” a week later.

Sanchez herself has been featured in an ESPN column regarding the Congressional baseball game and how it brings Democrats and Republicans together after the shooting.

“We are going to be resilient,” she said. “That we’re not going to let the wicked or the crazy interrupt our lives. We have to stick together and show that we have courage.

Here we are just five years later, knocking people down mid-game and watching protesters try to break in and get arrested. Unity isn’t quite what it used to be.

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