Former President Donald Trump on Tuesday criticized the “awakened” culture and Major League Baseball, even suggesting that professional baseball should be boycotted for abandoning Georgia.

Trump made his comments during a phone call to Newsmax TV.

The 45th president has made a number of appearances and statements in recent weeks, having been relatively calm immediately following the 2020 election.

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Trump talks baseball boycott

The former president said MLB should be punished for moving its All-Star Game from Atlanta to Boulder, Colo. To protest Georgia’s recent electoral reform bill.

Trump even said the recently passed bill was “watered down,” and also noted that Boulder was “much less diverse” than the game’s original location, Atlanta.

“I would say boycott baseball, why not,” Trump told Heather Childers of Newsmax TV. Trump added that “waking up is not good for our country”.

Trump told Newsmax TV, “Now they moved the All-Star Game because they thought the bill was too hard when it wasn’t.

Trump continued, “I think a lot of people are quitting baseball anyway … they shouldn’t hurt the Georgian people.”

Trump: ‘Let them try to boycott Texas’

The former president then dared to “wake up” companies to protest against more conservative states than the now purple Georgia.

“Let them try to boycott Texas,” Trump said. “Texas will teach them a lesson. Let them try. Frankly these companies should stay out of this because they only make people worse. “

Trump said few conservative leaders oppose companies for opposing Georgian law.

“If the Republican conservatives… if they boycotted these companies that were so above all else, you would find that they would come back into the fold very quickly,” Trump said.

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He also criticized these organizations for simply picking up liberal talking points on election law. Republicans argue that the new law actually increases voters, while opponents of the law insist the bill amounts to voter suppression.

“As soon as Stacey Abrams speaks, they end up bending down,” Trump said of the business and the Democratic activist.

“We have more people than them,” he concluded.

It remains to be seen whether Trump supporters, Conservatives, or Texans in general would follow Trump’s lead in boycotting baseball.

The Texas Rangers had their first home game of the baseball season on Monday, with a full stadium.

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