Former President Donald Trump issued a statement slamming the removal of General Robert E. Lee’s statue from Richmond.

The statue of Lee, which depicted the Civil War figure on a horse atop a large marble plinth, was removed from its location in Richmond, Va., On Wednesday, where it had stood since 1890.

Trump, who has always maintained that removing the statues of controversial figures would lead to a slippery slope as to who should determine what is left and what is going, fucked up the movement.

“I just watched a huge crane bring down the beautiful and very famous statue” of Robert E. Lee, he said.

“Our culture is being destroyed and our history and our heritage, good and bad, are being extinguished by the radical left, and we cannot let that happen!” Trump added.

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Trump denounces radical left for removal of General Lee statue

Trump’s statement veers on a tangent as he praises Robert E. Lee for his military skill, says the North would have won the Civil War “in a day” if Lee had not sided with Virginia, and suggests that he would have been much more successful in Afghanistan if he were alive today.

“If only we had had Robert E. Lee to command our troops in Afghanistan, this disaster would have ended in complete and utter victory many years ago,” he said.

“What embarrassment do we suffer because we do not have the genius of a Robert E. Lee!” “

But the crux of Trump’s argument is the cultural problem created by removing the statues of controversial figures.

President Trump half-joked four years ago that the radical left will never stop and the statues of President George Washington will fall if we keep going this route.

“George Washington was a slave owner… are we going to slaughter statues in George Washington? What about Thomas Jefferson? Trump asked at the time.

In Portland, that’s exactly what they did. Far-left protesters shot dead a george washington statue.

In the far left of Madison, Wisconsin, students from the University of Wisconsin have requested deletion of a statue of Abraham Lincoln.

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Biden and Robert Byrd

While many conservatives support or at least condone the removal of Confederate statues, President Dwight D. Eisenhower took a different view.

The Supreme Allied Commander who defeated the Nazis rented Robert E. Lee and explained why he held him in such high regard.

Eisenhower described the Civil War as a “war between states” and declared that “the question of secession has remained unresolved for over 70 years”.

“General Robert E. Lee was, in my opinion, one of the extremely gifted men produced by our nation,” he wrote in a letter in 1960. “He steadfastly believed in the constitutional validity of his cause which until today in 1865, was still a question question in America.

Old-school Democrats like President Joe Biden have also taken an approach of reconciliation with the south. His home state of Delaware, after all, was a slave state that fought for the Union.

A video surfaced in 2019 of the president praising the United Daughters of Confederation.

In the clip, dated July 23, 1993, Biden states that the group is “an organization of many good people who continue to display the Confederate flag.”

NPR reports that officials in Virginia are also replacing parts of a time capsule that was stored in the base of the Robert E. Lee monument.

The replacements are interesting to say the least.

Some of the items according to the report “include a photo of a black ballerina… (a) a Kente cloth worn at the 400th commemoration of 1619, a“ Black Lives Matter ”sticker,“ Stop Asian Hate ”flyers, a lapel pin. LGBTQ pride, and an expired bottle of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine.”

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