Los Angeles Dodgers ace and defending National League Cy Young Award winner Trevor Bauer will be out of action for at least a week.

According to a ESPN report, Bauer’s paid administrative leave was extended by seven days until August 20. This is the fifth extension attached to his leave since he first became unavailable on July 2 amid troubling allegations of sexual assault.

The hearing for the temporary restraining order related to the allegations against the 30-year-old has been postponed until next Monday and should continue until Thursday, if necessary. Bauer and his alleged victim both attended the initial hearing in late July, when lawyers for the pitcher requested further preparation for cross-examination of witnesses.

Bauer hasn’t taken the bump since June 28, and it is believed he will remain on administrative leave at least until the Pasadena City Police Department and the MLB complete their separate investigations into the allegations. Mike DiGiovanna of the Los Angeles Times previously reported that a “majority” of Bauer’s Los Angeles teammates did not want him to return with the team this season “under any circumstance,” and it is unclear whether the Dodgers l ‘would welcome again if he became eligible to pitch before or during the playoffs.

Bauer’s three-year, $ 102 million contract he signed with the Dodgers in February includes a pair of opt-out clauses, so it’s possible he made his last official appearance as an active member of the ‘organization.